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Style: 6 reasons why you should be shopping for designer fashion right now

Balenciaga’s ad campaign scandal explained

  Balenciaga’s ad campaign scandal explained Balenciaga’s ad campaign scandal explainedThere has been a “swift” online backlash against two of Balenciaga’s Christmas ad campaigns, said The Cut, which has seen “the hashtag #cancelBalenciaga trending across Twitter and TikTok”, as netizens accused the brand of normalising child exploitation.

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  6 reasons why you should be shopping for designer fashion right now © Provided by Refresh Lifestyle UK

Cheap stores are springing up like mushrooms in every pedestrian zone. At the same time, you hear and read everywhere about the quest for sustainability, minimalism, the need for environmental and climate protection, and the current shortage of resources. So is „clothing for the moment“ always the right choice? Or isn’t now the time to shop a little more consciously, but less? Many top labels offer you clothes you’ve always dreamed of. Here are 6 reasons why you should definitely go for it.

Because you are worth it

Okay, the clothes from the cheap are stylish, fashionable, sometimes even shrill. You can change your outfit again and again, just as you like. However, you can of course tell that your clothes are not from the high-end boutique. Already the decision for Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers turns a beautiful outfit into a really impressive look. And let’s face it, which person do you prefer and more expensive than yourself? You deserve more than a cheap outfit. Ask your reflection in the mirror!

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Because you do your own thing

When you look around, most people around you seem to rely on a few stores and fashion designers. That’s perfectly okay, but it’s also turning into a creeping fashion dictate. Do you really want to wear what everyone is wearing just because everyone is wearing it? Stop it! At Gucci they have a heart for free spirits like you – and you only need to do a little research to find more labels for you. It’s not about swimming completely against the tide. But only you have the right to create your own style. So do your own thing. Anyone who criticizes you for it is a victim of their own intolerance and can’t scratch your self-image.

Because quality is sustainable

Representatives of mass fashion like to emphasize that designer labels also like to invest in Low-wage countries have their products produced. However, the manufacturers are often among those in whose factories better conditions prevail for the employees than is usual elsewhere in the industry. Above all, however, designer clothes are of better quality than the products of cheap manufacturers. They are made of better raw materials, are processed to a higher quality and last much longer than the clothes of the cheap competition. So if you have found your favorite top label, you are welcome to grab it. You will probably still wear it often and gladly in a few years, without wanting to follow any new fashion dictates. The point of sustainability goes then undoubtedly to you, because other clothes would have long since broken and would have to be replaced.

Lila Moss wears a naked dress plus stringtanga-reminding her mother Kate Moss

 Lila Moss wears a naked dress plus stringtanga-reminding her mother Kate Moss Lila Moss reminds of the iconic 90s look of her mother Kate Moss © Getty Images The prospective supermodel Lila Moss entered the footsteps of her mother at the 2022 fashion awards. on the red carpet, the 20-year-old wore a transparent dress à la Kate Moss on December 5, 2022. & © Getty Images The Fashion Awards 2022 - Red Carpet Arrivals Lila Moss relies on transparency for the award ceremony, the stylish purple Moss wore a black Naked Dress of the London brand KNWLS.

Because you need new clothes anyway

At the latest after a real Inventory of your closet you’ll find that some of your clothes should have been discarded and replaced a long time ago. Can there be a better opportunity to freshen up your wardrobe choices? Don’t wait for some date in the future. Chances are, a hot designer label has outfits in their collection right now that are made just for you. You just have to discover and purchase them.

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Because you actually always wanted to have designer clothes

Don’t dream about clothes, buy your dream! Of course, the stars of show business can dig much deeper into their pockets than you probably can. But you probably don’t dream about that Oscar-worthy dress that the actress wore on the red carpet recently. Most designer labels offer you at least parts of their range at absolutely affordable prices. Even in the high price segment, there is a sale section that is worth browsing. A great idea are also those second hand stores that specialize in designer clothing. Of course, you can’t always find every piece in the size that suits you. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to look in and browse every now and then. Such stores can be found online and in many cities, most of which are larger.

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Because the time after Corona is your time

After two years of hardship, travel restrictions and no contact, it’s time to treat yourself. You’ve been living by the rules imposed by the pandemic for many months, so now you deserve something special. It’s probably not the kind of thing you’ll find hanging on the clothes rack in a cheap store, but something offered by a trendy label. Maybe you’ve been looking for something special in the Corona time but also be able to put aside a few bills, since you had little opportunity to spend? Then the opportunity is now. What are you waiting for?

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