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Travel: airbnb: the rental rules cured from June 1st to the Basque Country

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Airbnb : les règles de mise en location durcies dès le 1er juin au Pays basque © TerlovesAlainen / Pixabay Airbnb: the rental rules hardened from June 1st in the Basque Country to cope with the very high tension on Housing, the Basque Country voted a modification of the rules concerning short-term rentals.

As the sunny days approached, the Basque Country decided to review its Seasonal Housing Policy. As southwest , the agglomeration community adopted on Saturday, March 5, the principle of compensation for tourist furnished. By 169 votes for, 8 against and 33 abstentions, the elected officials introduced this new measure for any request for change of use. In concrete terms, if the owner of a dwelling he leases to the year now wants to tip over short term, he will have to compensate for this change of use.

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This measure applies to the 24 communes classified in areas tense, including Anglet, Bayonne, Biarritz, Bidart, Hendaye, or Saint-Jean-de-Luz. By putting in place this compensation, the agglomeration community of the Basque Country hopes to bring back on the

Location long-term rental part of the more than 16,000 tourist furnished listed on its territory. A decision that seemed indispensable while the coast facing a very high tension on housing.

to read also she will have to reimburse 25.000 euros for subjoured her apartment on airbnb from June 1st, for any accommodation that will change for an

short rental, the owner will have to create a new Classic rental for the rental market and whose use will be other than housing (garage, office ...). Criteria to be respected: that this new good is in the same city, or even the same neighborhood and has a similar area, detail South West. Note that the commercial premises on the ground floor are excluded.

to read also Seine-Maritime: These Airbnb renters who find themselves to pay twice the tourist tax some exceptions are nevertheless planned. Thus, will escape this new provision, the main residences at the limit of 120 days a year, but also the housing rented to students at least nine months.

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