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Travel: How Saint-Malo Serre La Vis on Rentals Airbnb

airbnb: the rental rules cured from June 1st to the Basque Country

 airbnb: the rental rules cured from June 1st to the Basque Country © TerlovesAlainen / Pixabay Airbnb: the rental rules hardened from June 1st in the Basque Country to cope with the very high tension on Housing, the Basque Country voted a modification of the rules concerning short-term rentals. As the sunny days approached, the Basque Country decided to review its Seasonal Housing Policy. As southwest , the agglomeration community adopted on Saturday, March 5, the principle of compensation for tourist furnished.

Comment Saint-Malo serre la vis sur les locations Airbnb © TerlovesAlainen / Pixabay How Saint-Malo Serre The Vis of Rentals Airbnb To revive its real estate market, Saint-Malo has set up a quota by neighborhood to reduce Short duration rentals offered by the Airbnb platform. Which triggered the anger of many owners.

For several years, Airbnb has become an unavoidable platform to reserve its holidays. A happiness for holidaymakers, but a real wound for residents of tourism cities. Starting with short duration rentals, which impinge on the accommodations available for the inhabitants year-round. According to our colleagues of BFMTV , Saint-Malo has set up a new restriction to calm the incessant waves of tenants. The most reserved city of France on the platform opted for "quotas neighborhood by neighborhood".

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For many inhabitants, the incessant round trips of travelers are at the origin of a large degradation of the city and quality of life. In 2019, 636 nights were recorded for 100 inhabitants. With these numbers, Saint-Malo is largely at the forefront of the most solicited cities, in front of Bordeaux . "We had arrived at a point where we could not lodge intra-muros," said the Mayor of the city, Gilles Lurton. To drastically slow down the short-term rentals, only 12.5% ​​of dwellings can now be rented on tourist platforms, compared to 7.5% on the coast.

Unhappy Owners

"The goal is to hand over the market", explained the mayor. Strict regulations applauded by the Collective Saint-Malo, I live there, I remain here: "The airbnb bubble is bursting," said Franck Rolland, the spokesman of the group, to our colleagues. . This restriction obviously did not please owners. Represented by a lawyer, a dozen of them attacked the decision to the Administrative Court of Rennes. "They want one thing to be heard," said GUIRRIEC.

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Of course, the establishment of this quota has inspired other French cities, victims of the same problem. Without necessarily going to the installation of a strict quota, some average cities are trying to channel the wave Airbnb . "The silent majority is satisfied. But the people affected by this measure are very dissatisfied: I get booked," Laded Gilles Lurton. And yet, this decision has almost become vital to save real estate: "We have an alarming situation with an extremely tense real estate market and flying prices", denounced Gilles Ménard, Mayor of Granville, in the columns of BFMTV .

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