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Travel: it will have to repay a fortune to have undernented its apartment on airbnb

airbnb share: rent apartment on airbnb - is that worthwhile?

 airbnb share: rent apartment on airbnb - is that worthwhile? Airbnb has changed travel. It has never been so easy to find accommodation in the most popular cities. But worth the rental for owners at all? Or is the housing interconnection for most providers a minus business? © Provided by Mike Clarke / AFP / Getty Images Airbnb is today one of the world's largest platforms to provide travelers to accommodate accommodation. Whether in Munich, London or Madrid - everywhere, homeowners offer their accommodation about the platform.

Il devra rembourser une fortune pour avoir sous-loué son appartement sur Airbnb © Pixabay it will have to reimburse a fortune to have subjoured its apartment on airbnb a week after renting the apartment, the man has under-rented to other occupants, without informing them.

A little lie that is very expensive. Our colleagues of the Figaro had access to a decision of the judicial court of Paris which condemned a tenant to a fine of ... 221,000 euros. The reason for this farewear sum to repay? The man undermined his apartment of 30m² in full Paris without the agreement of his owners. Worse, it would even seem that he had calculated his shot from the start. Because to believe the information revealed, in 2016, the defendant has put its apartment in submits only one week after rented it.

How Saint-Malo Serre La Vis on Rentals Airbnb

 How Saint-Malo Serre La Vis on Rentals Airbnb © TerlovesAlainen / Pixabay How Saint-Malo Serre The Vis of Rentals Airbnb To revive its real estate market, Saint-Malo has set up a quota by neighborhood to reduce Short duration rentals offered by the Airbnb platform. Which triggered the anger of many owners. For several years, Airbnb has become an unavoidable platform to reserve its holidays. A happiness for holidaymakers, but a real wound for residents of tourism cities.

For almost five years, the man had decided to sublet the places on Airbnb, until the end date of the lease in December 2020. Problem, the previous summer, the owners realize that their property is busy illegally. According to Figaro, they dispatched a bailiff who notes illegality. In the minutes consulted by our colleagues, the person interviewed on the spot who had rented on the platform says "Do not know the tenant".

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The elements recovered by the lawyer of the owners will give them cold sweats. Airbnb will provide them with the surveys of occupancy, and stupor: their apartment has been rented 329 times since 2016, for a total of 1,114 days and an estimated gain at 198.000 euros. "A commercial activity", fulminizes the complainants' lawyer. In addition, the unscrupulous tenant is doubly in an offense because the apartment was rented more than 120 times, but it is forbidden in the cities of more than 200,000 inhabitants (comma) recalls Le Figaro. He is equally responsible for the platform who should have blocked his account when the number of days was exceeded.

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But another element will come to aggravate his case. According to the owners, the sublease no longer paid its rents and had 11,370 euros. For his defense, the man explained that the owners agreed on his intention to sublet, but the justice reminded him that the law was very clear: "a clause prohibits the undergrass of the places by the lessee without the written consent of the lessor ". In addition to the rents perceived and those he had not paid, he also had to reimburse repair costs for deterioration of the apartment. As well as a lawyer fees. What to discourage him from starting again.

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