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Travel: martinique: the island in the top 3 destinations of airbnb clients at Easter

airbnb: the rental rules cured from June 1st to the Basque Country

 airbnb: the rental rules cured from June 1st to the Basque Country © TerlovesAlainen / Pixabay Airbnb: the rental rules hardened from June 1st in the Basque Country to cope with the very high tension on Housing, the Basque Country voted a modification of the rules concerning short-term rentals. As the sunny days approached, the Basque Country decided to review its Seasonal Housing Policy. As southwest , the agglomeration community adopted on Saturday, March 5, the principle of compensation for tourist furnished.

The family stays are also ten times more numerous that there is a year

La Martinique figure entre la Guadeloupe et Paris au classement établi par Airbnb. Photo d'illustration. © Falco / Pixabay Martinique figure between Guadeloupe and Paris in the ranking established by Airbnb. Photo Stock Illustration. Tourism - Family stays are also ten times more than one year

The Martinique has risen second in the ranking of the favorite destinations of Airbnb users for family rentals during the holidays of Easter. The island of the West Indies appears behind the Guadeloupe, but award Paris in this palmares established by the giant seasonal housing itself.

The Caribbean in the head

The list of the ten often chosen destinations has shown that family people preferred French territory. Hence the presence of the two territories of the Caribbean in the first two places of the ranking relayed by France-Antilles . Abandonment or relaxation of anti-coronavirus sanitary measures for travelers also explains the situation.

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The palmares published by Airbnb also dismissed other trends. Among them is the multiplication not ten of the number of family stays compared to the same period of the year in 2021. The other types of holidaymakers have acclaimed international destinations and especially Malaga (Spain), New York (States -Unis) and Valencia (Spain).

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