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When is the next train strike? Full list of planned rail and Tube strike dates in July and August 2022

  When is the next train strike? Full list of planned rail and Tube strike dates in July and August 2022 Passengers are being urged to only travel by train if they must, and if it is necessary, they should allow extra time and check when their last train will depart . Here’s everything you need to know.

with the resetting travel in the spring and summer months, the number of symptoms at the arbitration board for public transport (SÖP) has also increased significantly in the second quarter.

Gestrichene Flüge am Hamburger Flughafen. © Bodo Marks/dpa painted flights at Hamburg Airport. In the entire first half of the first half of the year, however, about as many consumers took the place as in the first half of the previous year, the SÖP said of the German Press Agency. The position worked around 8,400 cases between January and June. That was around 100 cases more than in the same period last year. Problems with Air Travel Dominant With a share of almost 80 percent, a large part of the disputes are returned to air traffic again. According to the Söp, the aftermath of the pandemic restricts is still noticeable. "In the Flight segment, the reimbursement of airfield costs for unusual or non -occurred trips is the main reason for appeals for arbitration," it said.

Solo travel tips - what to do 'if you're worried' and key item to help you 'stay safe'

  Solo travel tips - what to do 'if you're worried' and key item to help you 'stay safe' TRAVEL has picked up again this summer, with many Britons making up for the months they lost to Covid last year. Since the pandemic, more and more women are deciding to pack a huge backpack, book a one-way flight, and go travelling solo. What's so special about it?After breaking up with her boyfriend at the start of the year, Maria decided to try something she'd never done before: travel solo.

Many cases would be based on complicated legal questions that resulted in elaborate legal research - for example, "for constellations, for which regionally specific or time -changing pandemic restrictions are decisive".

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The flight travel traffic only gradually recovered from April and particularly attracted again in the spring and summer months. So it happened that in June alone almost 1650 complaints were received by the arbitration board - around twice as many as in June 2021. However, such figures are still far from the level of the record year 2020. At that time, the SÖP worked more than 5,500 cases in June alone. next to air traffic also takes care of disputes at the railway, for long -distance buses and in local public transport (public transport). Around 17 percent of the applications therefore go back to the train, 5 percent are with long -distance buses and public transport.

«At Bahn, public transport and also in the long -distance bus area, the topics of pandemeem -related topics were no longer dominant in the first half of 2022,» the SöP said. "Rather, there are complaints here from delays and failures with a different cause."

The arbitration board points out that in around 80 percent of cases, consumers were successful with their complaint and received reimbursement.

The SÖP assumes that the number of cases will continue to increase in the current year and, roughly at the pre-crisis level of 2019. At that time, the position worked around 26,000 symptoms.

Ombudsman receives dozens of complaints and enquiries about Derby City Council .
Derby City Council was the subject of dozens of complaints and enquiries to the ombudsman about its actions last year, new figures show. © Dominic Lipinski The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman is responsible for investigating wrongdoing in local public services.If it finds that the council has acted in an unfair or unjust way, the ombudsman will offer recommendations on how to make things right.According to figures from the body, there were 47 complaints or enquiries made about Derby City Council in the year to March – up from 26 the year before.

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