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These are the five golden rules of healthy diet

 These are the five golden rules of healthy diet In addition to sufficient movement, a healthy diet is the key to a vital life. But what do you mean by this? These five golden nutritional rules should be observed © istockphoto with a healthy diet you stand in harmony with your body iStockphoto 1. Use natural food try to avoid products with additives and prefer to stick to natural food . Starked food should make a maximum of 20 percent of nutrition .

Die «Costa Diadema» stellt im Winter für rund viereinhalb Monate den Gästebetrieb ein. © Michael Zehender/DPA-TMN The “Costa Diadema” stops the guest operations in winter for around four and a half months. Last Cuba vacation can cause problems when you enter

for travel to the USA, tourists are usually sufficient for an electronic travel permit (ESTA) that you apply for a fee before the trip. However, if you have already died in Cuba, you could get problems with entry despite an ESTA. This is indicated by the Federal Foreign Office (AA).

have become known for cases in which travelers with a preliminary stay in Cuba could no longer enter ESTA, but had to apply for a visa, the AA writes to the USA in the updated instructions.

Why garnades are so healthy

 Why garnades are so healthy spruces shaped the resin for many decades. The conifers grew quickly and served the wood extraction. In times of climate change, the rain becomes scarce, hardly any somewhere the consequences you can see more clearly than in the resin. The flat roots literally thirst and become victims of the bark beetle. Large -scale broke with dead or felled trees shape the low mountain range. In many places, spruces became victims of forest fires.

included the information by person with residence or long -term residence permit in Cuba or who used to have. In addition, people with German and Cuban citizenship (double stater) - and also travelers with short stays in Cuba, i.e. with a Cuban stamp in the passport.

It is not the rule. The AA nevertheless advises to contact the responsible US representative on this topic before the trip.

winter cruises from two Costa ships painted

Hamburg - Costa strokes the cruises planned in winter 2022/2023 for the ships “Costa Venezia” and “Costa Diadema”. The shipping company announced that.

For the diadema, planned journeys will be removed from the program from November 22nd, from April 7, 2023 it will be back to sail with cruises around the Canary Islands.

"Bella Italia - Camping in German": Holidays, Leisure, Freedom - and on TV it says: "Then we make Amore!"

 Dschianti! Bruschetta! And as a dessert Schtrazzatella! Let's go to Italy. The whole of Germany is eleven days - the whole of Germany with school children. The holidays in all federal states overlap at eleven days. During this time our heart beats south of the Alps. "Bella Italia - Camping in German" shows RTL2. Welcome to breakfast at the campsite! And breakfast is German. The white sausages covered 1100 kilometers before they come to rest on the folding table in the awning.

The Venezia is still on the road until December 1st, the further trips until mid -April were canceled. The ship is scheduled to move to the US market to the Costa by Carnival brand in spring 2023, with the basic port in New York.

Actually, Venezia should go to targets in Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt and Israel in winter, and the diadema should be traveling between the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands. Costa said that the guests affected were in contact with the changes affected and alternative solutions.

New themed path on climate change in the Ammergau Alps

Saulgrub - A new circular hiking trail in the Ammergau Alps addresses the effects of climate change on the region's flora and fauna.

The almost six kilometer long “meadow climate round” starts in the Altenau district of Saulgruber and leads to four stations - among them is a phenogical garden, where it can be seen how the flower times of the plants have changed.

A watering can tree makes the development of the annual rainy amounts understandable. According to the regional nature park, the path is "absolutely family -friendly" with only 61 meters of altitude.

Great North Run prize money amounts for elite runners .
The Great North Run allows elite athletes to win a cash prize every year, though professional athletes who are paid to take part, such as Mo Farah, are not eligibleElite athletes can compete for a grand prize of £1,500 and win themselves automatic entry into next year’s competition. To compete as an elite runner, hopefuls must meet certain requirements and register with the race organisers ahead of time.

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