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Travel: Energy cost. Airbnb offers up to € 2,200 in hosts to renovate their

Energy debt is three times higher than last September

  Energy debt is three times higher than last September Despite growing anxiety around soaring energy bills, only 6% of billpayers have considered asking suppliers for help. Two in three Britons don't trust their energy providers, believing they are 'out to rip them off', while two in five think suppliers just make up the numbers on bills, research by Sagacity shows.Typically, the summer months see households building up energy credit, helping shield them from rising energy usage in winter. But as household energy debt increases, concern grow for how struggling households will be able to manage their debt and pay for their essential utilities.

Un homme isole un toit. Photo d’illustration. © Getty Images, Istockphoto accommodation isolates a roof. Illustration photo.

with its new “sustainable accommodation” plan in association with Effy, the Airbnb platform wants to help its hosts renovate their accommodation. To reduce their ecological footprint and allow them energy savings, the company plans to donate € 2,200 aid to those who undertake work in this direction. They will also benefit from support.

Carry out work to reduce its energy consumption thanks to Airbnb. The seasonal rental platform has announced a “sustainable accommodation” plan with one million euros for hosts, reports BFMTV , Sunday October 2, 2022. For this, the American company has teamed upon to Effy, specialist in energy renovation. In addition to financial assistance, it has set itself the mission to support hosts by providing them with advice during their work project.

The 54 most desirable villages to live in Britain - the list in full

  The 54 most desirable villages to live in Britain - the list in full Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment a train missed a dog walker crossing the tracks – by just four seconds. Train driver Mike Leonard, 54, said he thought the two dogs crossing the track were sheep before he spotted an elderly man step out in front of the train. Mike was driving between Machynlleth and Pwllheli in Wales on July 9 when came within seconds of hitting the man on the Harlech Cliffs level crossing. He said the dog walker didn’t look before he crossed the tracks. Mike said: “I saw two white things on the track, I thought they were sheep. “Then I realised they were dogs and suddenly this elderly man with a walking stick came up from the beach and just stepped out in front of the train, too. “The dogs weren’t on a lead and the man didn’t even look as he crossed. "I was about four seconds away from hitting him." Just three weeks later, at the same location, another dog owner had a narrow escape after venturing onto the track after their pet which was not on a lead. Mike, who has been driving for 15 years, said he has lost count of the number of times he has been forced to apply the emergency brake because of people crossing. He said: “In that moment you’re actually helpless. “You put the brake into emergency, you blow the horn, and it’s out of your hands. “The train stops when it stops. “You just watch everything unfolding in front of you. “It’s like it all just slows down.

Each host can obtain 1,000 to € 2,200 aid to finance part of its work on insulation, installation of a heat pump, solar panels, etc. Through this partnership with Effy, Airbnb wishes to help owners to "reduce carbon emissions and save on their long -term energy bills". This can go from small improvements to major renovations, explains the news channel.

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An estimate on site

This financial support can be combined with the aid already implemented by the government as part of the energy renovation like Maprim’Renov. To benefit from it, the hosts will have to fulfill a first questionnaire which will make it possible to establish the amount of work and aid. Then Effy will go to the accommodation to make a first budget estimate.

According to an Airbnb study carried out last month, 66% of hosts do not renovate their property due to the financial cost. In addition, 20% of hosts do not know where to start or feel overwhelmed by the administrative procedures to be carried out ". Almost half of the owners (44%) are not even aware of existing subsidies, according to the study.

NHS doctors prescribing patients HEATING in cost-of-living trial .
NHS doctors are prescribing patients heating this winter as part of a cost-of-living trial. The 'Warm Home Prescription' pilot has so far paid to heat the homes of 28 patients on low incomes. It will be rolled out to 1,150 more across Gloucestershire, Aberdeenshire and Teeside because of its 'mind-blowing' success. All of the patients given the prescriptions, which sees money credited directly to their energy accounts, have conditions worsened by cold weather, such as arthritis and asthma.

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