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Travel: Airbnb will give money to hosts who do energy renovation work

Energy debt is three times higher than last September

  Energy debt is three times higher than last September Despite growing anxiety around soaring energy bills, only 6% of billpayers have considered asking suppliers for help. Two in three Britons don't trust their energy providers, believing they are 'out to rip them off', while two in five think suppliers just make up the numbers on bills, research by Sagacity shows.Typically, the summer months see households building up energy credit, helping shield them from rising energy usage in winter. But as household energy debt increases, concern grow for how struggling households will be able to manage their debt and pay for their essential utilities.

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The Airbnb platform will invest one million euros in a sustainable accommodation plan To support its hosts in renovation work. And this is only the start, announces the company.

Airbnb wants to contribute in its own way to the adoption of sustainable accommodation by associating with Effy, a French company specializing in energy renovation, to financially support the hosts of the platform with a work project. The company promises aid up to up to 2,200 euros, for a total credit of one million euros which acts as a first stone, evoking the possibility of "investing even in the future".

‘I can't get into debt!' Pensioner says she'll eat soup and a roll as price cap hits

  ‘I can't get into debt!' Pensioner says she'll eat soup and a roll as price cap hits A PENSIONER has said she will resort to a tin of soup to warm her up this winter because she will not be able to afford heating and she "won't get into debt".Ms Daniels said: "Well, if I can't afford it, I will not put [the heating] on because I won't get into debt. I have never been in debt in my life.

Aid between 1000 and 2200 euros for each renovation act

with its “sustainable accommodation” plan launched this Monday, October 3, Airbnb wants to help the hosts of its platform to renovate their accommodation, and thus contribute to a decrease in emissions from carbon as well as a reduction in the energy bill.

Airbnb offers each host of a housing located in France an aid of an amount of minimum 1000 euros, which can increase up to 2200 euros for each renovation act. This may concern insulation, heat pump, installation of solar panels and others.

This system, developed in partnership with the company Effy, comes in addition to the already existing aid, such as Maprimerénov ', an energy premium launched at the beginning of 2020 to replace the tax credit for the energy transition ( Quotes) and aid from the National Housing Agency (ANAH), all owners of which can benefit, regardless of their income.

Mum-of-five left without food or electricity for almost a week after DWP recalled PIP

  Mum-of-five left without food or electricity for almost a week after DWP recalled PIP A MUM of five was left without money for food or to top up her gas and electricity meter after the DWP failed to make her PIP payment on time.Some 2.9 million people in the UK rely on Personal Independence Payments (PIP) to help feed their families and pay the bills.

Support for hosts, often ill -informed

Effy, who will be responsible for supporting the hosts in the financing of their work, undertakes to mobilize the already existing aid on behalf of the host. The group has even carried out standard estimates, on what can be dependent on an owner in case of work to insulate the walls from the outside or the installation of an air-water-water heat pump, With AIRBNB help.

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Today, 66 % of Airbnb hosts consulted say they do not rewar their property due to a lack of resources. 20 % also consider it lacking in information or being exceeded by the administrative procedures to be carried out, while 44 % simply do not know the existing subsidies. Airbnb will thus launch an awareness campaign, while creating a dedicated resource center and made available to its hosts.

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NHS doctors prescribing patients HEATING in cost-of-living trial .
NHS doctors are prescribing patients heating this winter as part of a cost-of-living trial. The 'Warm Home Prescription' pilot has so far paid to heat the homes of 28 patients on low incomes. It will be rolled out to 1,150 more across Gloucestershire, Aberdeenshire and Teeside because of its 'mind-blowing' success. All of the patients given the prescriptions, which sees money credited directly to their energy accounts, have conditions worsened by cold weather, such as arthritis and asthma.

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