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Cars: Real Estate: These measures that weigh on the rental investment

Real Estate Rental: Surfaces, Exhibitions ... The Futures Eligibility Conditions in Pinel +

 Real Estate Rental: Surfaces, Exhibitions ... The Futures Eligibility Conditions in Pinel + © Ulstein Bild / Getty Images Real Estate Rental: Surfaces, Exhibitions ... The Futures Eligibility Conditions in Pinel + in the "Great Appointment of L Real estate "(Capital / Radio Immo) of November, Pascal Boulanger, President of the Federation of Real Estate Promoters returns in detail on the contours of the future Rental Pinel + feature.

The health crisis has not prevented real estate purchases. Low rates are not the record recorded by the Century 21 Real Estate Agency Network for rental investment. As reports, the share of real estate purchases for rented increased from 17.4% in 2014 to 30.2% of the transactions carried out by the network. In 2021, the increase reached 2.7% in 2021. and in Paris, the rental investment accounted for 32.5% of sales. Yet measures could brake or even block some investors.

This is particularly the case for the new credit standards imposed by the High Financial Stability Board (HCSF). Recommended before becoming mandatory on January 1, they set the maximum lending and debt duration to 35% of revenues, including 25 years of debt. The daily explains that credit specialists observe a decline in funding of investor loan applications. Artemis Brokerage believes that the share of real estate credit files for the purchase of a rental property fell by nearly 20% in 2019 to 11.21% in 2020. Last year, the broker noted a new recoil (11.15%).

Is your 'green' fund any different to one without the trendy label?

  Is your 'green' fund any different to one without the trendy label? Investment experts are calling for the country's financial regulator to act swiftly to stop the mis-labelling of green investment funds.They believe that investors' voracious appetite for funds with an ethical, ESG (environmental, social and governance), sustainable or SRI (socially responsible investing) bent is resulting in some managers taking shortcuts in order to jump on the bandwagon.

The supervision of rents

which more is, the lenders institutions can no longer resort to the method of calculating the differential debt, which allowed to take into account the future rents. These were previously deducted from the credit monthlyality. From now on, they are considered income. Also, the 35% debt limit is quickly achieved if, for example, an investor reimburses a loan contracted to finance the purchase of his principal residence. If banks have a 20% room for maneuvering of their credit production, primary accessors with small means and some investors are penalized.

The adoption by more and more municipalities in rent framework can also be a brake on rental investment. First adopted by Paris, then Lille, he was extended in 2021 to new communes of Seine-Saint-Denis, Lyon and Villeurbanne. Bordeaux and Montpellier should also apply it this year. If it aims to avoid abuses, professionals feel that it can discourage some to get into rent. Added to this are those who rent from hand in hand, without respecting the supervision of rents. Little, a decree should require real estate professionals to include the ceiling rent in each ad. An evolution that was then extended to those disseminated by the particular donors, recalls the echos.

Real Estate: Primo-Acceptors, Investors, Who Are Buyers?

 Real Estate: Primo-Acceptors, Investors, Who Are Buyers? Despite the sanitary crisis, the real estate market was resilient in 2021. In an study published on Monday, January 24, the CAFPI broker network explains that real estate acquisitions accounted for 89.4% of the files processed by its agents. . The remaining share redeemed external appropriations. Among the acquirers' files, the network found that the primary accessors were still largely majority (66%).

The new DPE

willingness to prohibit thermal comissions (labeled F, G or E in energy performance diagnostics) is also discouraging. The change in the calculation mode of the EPM, fact that more goods are now considered poorly isolated. Given the cost of an energy renovation, despite the existence of aid, some investors could lower your arms. What to have a fear of housing shortages fear. The coercive device, however, is accompanied by public aid to the renovation and a relaxation of the calendar is already mentioned.

to read DPE: If you do not display it, it can cost you dear ...

Finally, the municipalities that take measures against the furnished courtyard of short duration multiply. Paris, for example, has muscled its device last December. Thus, the transformations of businesses in furnished tourism will have to be allowed. And those who wish to rent their second home will have to submit to compensation .


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"Rental investment in 2022: how to escape the tax pressure? .
Thus, the bare rental investment has some advantages such as a 3-year lease, a limited departure investment at the price of the property without worrying about "the dressing" of it or maintenance work. measured for use. By contradiction, the amount of the rent will be lower compared to that of a furnished rental and will be framed (INSEE index to respect), with a more rigid lease.

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