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Cars: Possible Formula 1 Partnership: McLaren plays the ball to Audi

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Zak Brown und Andreas Seidl kümmern sich um McLarens Zukunft © Motorsport Images Zak Brown and Andreas Seidl take care of McLarens Future

McLaren Managing Director Zak Brown has the ball over possible cooperation with the Volkswagen Group the potential Newcomers to play. Volkswagen had set the course in the past weeks the points in the direction of a formula 1 entry from 2026 , but no definitive decision announces, with which brand and with which partner this should happen.

Currently there are two scenarios in the room: a collaboration between Audi and McLaren or cooperation between Porsche and Red Bull. In November, a specialist magazine was already reported by Audi's McLaren Group, but Zak Brown has fallen off and represents Rather the second variant in the room.

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"I hear that you will make something with Red Bull on the Porsche front," says Brown on a media event smiling in Woking. "I think you talked to a handful of people in the grid, and as you can imagine, we have talked," he confirms.

Currently, McLaren is back with its former motor partner Mercedes. 2021 followed the change from Renault to drives of the silver arrows, with which one is "very happy in the short term and in the medium term".

Therefore, the racing team can currently wait for the situation around Audi: "We see if they want to come into sports, because I believe that this is not definitively decided," says Brown.

If Audi / Volkswagen was officially confessed to a Formula 1 entry, McLaren would explore all options: "We evaluate where we are and who is in sports, and then we will make a decision in time, what we do in 2026 "says the managing director.

p3-duel with ferrari: McLaren detects "more difficult starting position"

 p3-duel with ferrari: McLaren detects © Motorsport Images Charles Leclec in Ferrari in front of Lando Norris in the McLaren in Brazil 2021 and suddenly Ferrari is the favorite for third place in the constructor's rating . This has also recognized McLaren. "Realistically one has to say: we have a much more difficult starting position than before this season," says Lando Norris for the Formula 1 race in Mexico and Brazil, where Ferrari has settled in clear from McLaren.

Until then, one will first be bound to Mercedes, which had once left for Honda, because you did not want to be a customer team of another manufacturer with a Formula 1 racing team. Because the fear was that you could hardly win a world championship.

, however, Brown is optimistic: "I believe we can win with a Mercedes engine," he says. "I know that there was a long time that you can not win with a customer engine. But we are very confident that our Mercedes power unit is identical to it. We have not seen anything else to tell us something else "

"One is a bit drawing down when it comes to the overall concept because it understandably get an idea of ​​how the architecture looks like. So it's a disadvantage of being a customer team," says Brown. "But that's not the power unit itself. It is the knowledge that is obtained by the fact that you have a first look [on the engine design], so to speak."

McLaren has surprisingly brought his first victory in the turbo in Monza 2021. Previously, the former Success Restaurant had been waiting for a success since the victory of Jenson Button in Brazil 2012. The last World Cup title dates from 2008 with Lewis Hamilton. A design title has not yet been won this millennium.

Daniel Ricciardo backs McLaren to win F1 race this year despite wretched start to 2022 .
DESPITE looking like contenders in the first round of pre-season testing, McLaren are a long way off the pace in the early stages of the 2022 season.Neither Ricciardo nor Lando Norris managed to finish in the top 10 in the season opener, and the same was true for the Aussie last time out in Saudi Arabia. At least Norris took home six points for finishing seventh in Jeddah, but team principal Andreas Seidl and chief Zak Brown will want much more than that to fulfil their ambitions.

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