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Cars: "Turtle" criticism at Safety Car from Aston Martin: That's how the FIA ​​reacts!

FIA leads in the Formula 1 season 2022 laser scans on Scrutineering An

 FIA leads in the Formula 1 season 2022 laser scans on Scrutineering An The FIA ​​has introduced the new laser scanning test system, which checks the legality of the formula 1 cars from the 2022 season. After changing to "Ground-Effect" bulides in the course of the large rule changes for 2022, the World Association has introduced the new test method. © Motorsport Photo Thus, designs that will use the teams will be compared with the information given before each race.

Das Safety-Car von Aston Martin in der Formel-1-Saison 2022 auf der Strecke © Motorsport Images The Safety Car of Aston Martin in the Formula 1 season 2022 on the track

The Safety Car of Aston Martin is "too slow" and behaved "like a turtle" , said Formula 1 World Champion Max Stappen after the Grand Prix of Australia 2022 in Melbourne. Especially compared to the Safety Car of Mercedes is the difference blatant. But this criticism does not want to leave the Automobile World Association (FIA) and has now submitted an opinion.

It says: "Referring to the recent statements for the speed of the safety cars in Formula 1, the FIA ​​would like to emphasize again: primarily, the Safety Car in Formula 1 is not designed for high speeds, but on the safety of drivers , To ensure sports and officials. "

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The respective speed when using the safety cars depends on different factors, for example, an incident that required the use. "The pace is adjusted accordingly to the possible work on the racetrack."

FIA: Race line gives Safety Car Tempo before

ultimately the race line is responsible for the speed of Safety Cars. The PACE of the security cars are thus "not limited by the technical capabilities of the safety cars," emphasizes the world association.

"These are special high-performance vehicles prepared by two of the best manufacturers of the world. These cars must be made clear at any time with changing route conditions and are moved by extremely experienced drivers and copilots."

What consequences the speed of the safety cars for the back-proof Formula 1 cars could have a "secondary consideration", so the FIA ​​continues, "because it affects all participants alike. And they are the participants who always are always Responsible are to move their vehicles safely, overlooking the condition of their cars and the racetrack. "

latter had also raised questions in Melbourne, After Mick Schumacher was almost on Yuki Tsunoda in a safety car phase , because he had braked abruptly. The sports communities were still on site and then explained: "This is a topic for future driver meetings, so that the drivers can agree on a procedure, so it does not come to an unfortunate incident."

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