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Cars: Jérémy Ferrari Antique Accro with alcohol, "up to 6 liters of rosé a day": "I start to get out"

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Jérémy Ferrari ancien accro à l’alcool, “jusqu’à 6 litres de rosé par jour” : “Je commence à m’en sortir” © Cedric Perrin / Bestimage Jeremy Ferrari Antique Accro Alcohol, "Up to '6 liters of rosé a day ":" I'm starting to get out " Jérémy Ferrari will play his show," General Anesthesia ", with Folies Bergère in Paris. The occasion for the humorist to give an interview to "OBS" and to make some revelations on his addiction.

In his last show, titled General Anesthesia, which he will play the Folies Bergère in Paris, and with whom he will also leave on tour, Jeremy Ferrari evokes particularly personal subjects, including his addiction to alcohol . Problems he has also addressed during an interview with OBS. The humorist could drink up to six liters of rosé a day. An addiction that it has managed to fight. "When I cogitate on general anesthesia, it's been two years since I'm Clean, I'm starting to get out ," he explains in the columns of the magazine.

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An event that Jeremy Ferrari did not hesitate to make public: "It seems impossible for not to talk about it for two reasons: enrich the show from a personal testimony and help others. "and the old key chronicler in my station to add:" We are all passed through phases of depression, anxiety or addiction. And then I wanted to talk about invisible diseases. In France, psychiatry is underestimated or underfunded, gold most of the evils of our body come from the head. "

Jérémy Ferrari:" If I jumped, it was finished "

a new one-man-show in which was helped by Laurent Ruquier also speaks his suicide attempt :" The scene is Real, she went to a hotel in Aix-en-Provence. I was very, very high. If I jumped, it was finished , "he explained in the columns of the Parisian. It is thanks to his best friend he has today saves: "I told him: 'I see the trees as an excrescence of death outflows.' When you say that, this n 'Is not the great shape, you're not going to make you an evening ahead dirty dance ", pleasant the humorist today.

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