Cars: She films a "flying saucer" from her car, the images will put you the doubt

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Une soucoupe volante © supplied by Gentside a flying saucer

are “they already among us? Each month brings its share of new videos presenting (allegedly) alien vessels. Since the advent of social networks, from Youtube and more recently of Tiktok, these videos have shared with disconcerting ease. That of an application user quickly accumulated millions of views. We see what looks like an Flying Sucer , all out of a science fiction film .

A net video (for once)

Little tip if you doubt the veracity of a video: if it is blurred, it's shady. And whether it is the Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster or a UFO, these videos have the annoying manner of being blurred, dark or pixelated ... as if to better hide a hoax.

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But this is not the case with the video of @neshahiggins . Published a few days ago on Tiktok, the video is (for once) clear and clear. While the author of the video is in a car, a highly sunny day, she films the sky and in particular what seems to be a flying saucer. The "flying" object is in any case oblong, and has a disc shape.

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At a time when these lines are written, this video has been consulted more than three million times. Unsurprisingly, these few seconds sparked several reactions, sometimes serious, sometimes humorous. A subscriber answers for example: "I would have been held below because I am fed up with this planet". Another, obviously also tired of poor quality videos wrote: "Finally, a video that was not filmed with a camera from the 70s".

Finally, more concretely, others believe that it is rather an altocumulus lenticularis, or lenticular cloud. A vulgar meteorological phenomenon would therefore be the cause of all this mess?

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