Cars: "is time to negotiate": Greens nationwide 49-euro ticket before

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in the debate about a successor to the 9-euro ticket, Greens politicians have a regional ticket for 29 euros and a nationwide ticket for 49 Euro a month before.

Fahrgäste warten im Bahnhof auf eine Regionalbahn. (Symbolbild) © dpa Passengers are waiting for a regional train in the train station. (Symbol image)

This emerges from a concept paper by party leader Ricarda Lang, faction leader Katharina Dröge and the North Rhine-Westphalian Transport Minister Oliver Krischer, which is presented by the German Press Agency and which first reported the ARD capital studio.

Greens want connecting solution for 9-euro ticket

"It is time to negotiate a connection solution for the 9-euro ticket," said Dröge of the dpa. The two proposed tariffs could help the climate and at the same time relieve people. "With the reduction of the company car privilege, we also present a convincing financing option," said Dröge.

More public transport and a little less car through 9-euro ticket

 More public transport and a little less car through 9-euro ticket First results of a large-scale study on the 9-euro ticket certify the offer. For example, 35 percent of the study participants from the Munich area took place more often by bus and train, as the research group at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) announced on Thursday. In addition, 3 percent used their own vehicle and 22 percent of the participants used the bus and train, even though they hadn't done that before.

Video: Clear majority for favorable succession of the 9-euro ticket (dpa)

The regional ticket for 29 euros is said to contact commuters primarily to work by public transport. It should apply "at least nationwide, but also for regions such as Berlin-Brandenburg or Bremen-Hamburg-Niedersachsen". In addition, according to paper, there should be a "49-euro ticket for all of Germany" that works as easily as the current 9-euro ticket.

Financing approach sees circumcision of the company car privilege before

For financing, the Greens want to circumcume the company car privilege with which the company can deduct costs for company cars for tax purposes. CO2 emissions in particular should be taken into account more. "The resulting additional income for the federal and state governments could seamlessly flow into the financing of the cheap tickets," says the paper. But one is also ready for discussions about other financing channels.

The transport companies expect a clear need for subsidy: According to the Association of German Transport Companies, even a ticket for 69 euros would mean annual additional costs of two billion euros. (dpa)

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