Cars: Vière: What is this surprising hybrid drink which is more and more popular among wine merchants?

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Vière : quelle est cette boisson hybride surprenante qui est de plus en plus populaire chez les cavistes ? © Gallia Vière: What is this surprising hybrid drink which is more and more popular in wine merchants? Associating wine and beer is the idea that brewers had in collaboration with winegrowers. We tell you more about La Vière, this trendy drink that we hear more and more about.

regularly new drinks and cocktails are born and seduce (or not) consumers. As in fashion, it works by cycle. We remember the Spritz effect, and more recently the craze for the Hard Seltzer , or the return of orange wine. This time it is an hybrid drink between beer and wine simply called ... Vière. This amazing association is increasingly visible in wine merchants, on alcohol shelves or to restaurant menus as well. Pioneer on this land, the brewer Gallia has been offering associations of wine and beer for four years. Installed in Pantin, in 93, This new kind of brasserie joined forces with a wine merchant in Languedoc-Roussillon for the occasion.

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Vière: How is this trendy drink made?

To design the livestone, the idea was from to bring together two know-how : that of brewers and that of winegrowers. Manufacturing begins like that of a wine with a fermentation of the grapes that have been scratched . It is only after this first maceration that will be added from the beer pline to trigger a new fermentation this time between the grapes and the beer must. In the end, we get a drink, the alcohol level of which is around 7% at 10% and which sparkles on the language. At Gallia, several grape varieties were selected to create these wrecks in collaboration with The Aubert & Mathieu negotiated house. According to the grape varieties, each liver has a different personality and aromas, playing on tangy or tannic. Likewise, there are wrecks made with red wines and others with white wines and even pink wines. Vière: How to taste this trendy drink?

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alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, to be consumed in moderation.

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