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Cars: BMW quantum leap for batteries for electric cars on

Unity in the federal government: The subsidies for electric cars are to decrease

 Unity in the federal government: The subsidies for electric cars are to decrease The state funding system for electric cars is turned over - the government has now agreed on how exactly this should happen. © Photo: Imago Images/Michael Gstettenbauer A charging station for electric cars. buyers of electric cars should receive less support from the state in the future. According to the German Press Agency, the federal government agreed on new subsidy rules.

Munich - BMW wants to significantly improve the range and loading time of its electric cars from 2025 with new battery cells and halve the manufacturing costs of the batteries.

Die Konzernzentrale von BMW in München. Der Autobauer setzt voll auf E-Mobilität. © provided by Tag24 The BMW group headquarters in Munich. The carmaker fully relies on e-mobility.

Development Board Frank Weber said on Friday: "The energy density is increased by more than 20 percent, the charging speed increases by up to 30 percent and improves the range by up to 30 percent."

In addition, CO₂ emissions in cell production drop by up to 60 percent. For the first time,

wants to use round cells for the batteries of its "new class" instead of the previous prism cells. They were developed by BMW itself and contain less cobalt and more nickel and silicon than the cells used so far.

tire damage costs BMW Spa-Podium: P5 & P6 "Do not reflect performance"

 tire damage costs BMW Spa-Podium: P5 & P6 The ROWE BMW team remain the unauthorized heroes after the 24h of Spa 2022 . The BMW juniors Harper/Hesse/Verhamen on the #50 missed the overall podium as well as the established Farfus/Catsburg/Yelloly in the M4 GT3 with the #98. © provided by Tire damage cost BMW Spa-Podium: P5 & P6 "Do not reflect performance" Ultimately, places five for #98 and six for the #50.

At the same time, BMW saves components - the battery packs are simply installed in the underbody of the body.

BMW has the new cells made by partners, which build six factories with an annual capacity of up to 20 gigawatt hours (GWH) each: two each in Europe, China and North America. This enables the "new class" to be covered for the long-term electric cars, said Shopping Manager Joachim Post.

A double -digit billion amount has already been awarded to Catl and Eve Energy for the construction of the factories in China and Europe. One of them is created in the Hungarian debrecen, where BMW 2025 wants to let the first vehicles of the "new class" standing on an electroplay. The partner for the two factories in North America should be determined by the end of the year.

How to stop thieves stealing your car from your driveway without the keys

  How to stop thieves stealing your car from your driveway without the keys AA boss Edmund King is encouraging motorists to protect their keyless cars by placing their fobs inside a metal box, wired pouch, an empty tin and even a microwave.Edmund King, one of Britain's leading motorist experts, said that thieves intercepted his wife Deidre's car key signal and were able to steal the keyless Lexus.

BMW: Manufacturing costs for new battery halved BMW will eine © provided by Tag24 BMW wants to produce a "new class" on e-cars. The battery should be significantly improved.

"We don't want our own cell production," said Weber. The technology develops so quickly that this would be an innovation brake for a small car manufacturer like BMW in view of the high investments.

The production of the new high -voltage battery should only cost half as much as that of the current generation. For BMW, the electric car must "be at the level of profitability of a burner," said Weber.

In order to lower CO₂ emissions, the BMW partners also have to use recycled lithium, cobalt and nickel and are only allowed to use green electricity in production.

Energy storage, drive and charging technology of the "new class" should have a higher voltage and improve the charging of direct current speed charging stations. Electricity can then be loaded for 50 kilometers per minute, said Weber.

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