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Cars: Biobauer sues Volkswagen: Court is postponed to February

VW owner Lower Saxony: No research on Xinjiang

 VW owner Lower Saxony: No research on Xinjiang The state of Lower Saxony as the second most important Volkswagen owner has so far operated any separate research on the human rights situation around the controversial car factory in the Chinese region of Xinjiang. However, abuses are generally judged “sharply”. This emerges from the answer to a parliamentary request from the Greens in the state parliament in Hanover. © Picture Alliance / dpa The entrance to the work of Volkswagen in Ümümqi (Xinjiang) in western Chinese).

with a spectacular criminal complaint wants to achieve Ulf Allhoff-Cramer that VW will no longer sell burners from 2030. The court takes time.

Proteste vor dem Landgericht in Detmold: Ulf Allhoff-Cramer wird bei seiner Klage von Greenpeace unterstützt. © Photo: Lino Mirgeler/dpa Protests before the district court in Detmold: Ulf Allhoff-Cramer is supported in his complaint by Greenpeace.

The fact that activists demonstrate with banners in front of the door is not an everyday life for the district court in tranquil Detmold. However, the case that the judges have been treating there for months is not an everyday, but the "worldwide first climate lawsuit against a car company", as lawyer Roda Verheyen emphasizes. The court will employ this for a while. On Friday, the court was onto February 3 of next year. In addition to their banners, the activists will also have to bring thick coats with them.

A FIFTH of marriage breakups wrongly end up in court where hostility hurts children, judge says

  A FIFTH of marriage breakups wrongly end up in court where hostility hurts children, judge says Sir Andrew McFarlane (pictured), president of the Family Division in England and Wales, said a fifth of divorcing parents would be better 'at least first of all, trying to sort it out themselves in other ways'.Sir Andrew McFarlane, president of the Family Division in England and Wales, said too many couples take their cases through the courts where hostile language can make things worse and harm children in the process.

Why the Biolandwirt complains

Verheyen in Detmold represents the organic farm Ulf Allhoff-Cramer. In East Westphalia, the 62-year-old has a organic farm with grassland for his cattle and fields on which he grows bread wheat. Climate change is attracted to the farmer, his grass withered, the cattle no longer find food in the pasture. In the opinion of the controversial farmer, Volkswagen is also to blame for the mass production of combustion cars. He does not want compensation. Supported by Greenpeace, the farmer wants to achieve that VW is now building less petrol engines and diesel cars. From 2030, VW should no longer sell burners, demands Allhoff-Cramer. Volkswagen rejects this. In the EU, combustion engines are allowed until 2035.

Jewish student sues Leeds University 'after being given fail in essay for not criticising Israel'

  Jewish student sues Leeds University 'after being given fail in essay for not criticising Israel' Leeds University is being sued by a Jewish graduate who claims she was given a 'fail' in one of her sociology assignments because she did not criticise Israel. Danielle Greyman said her essay about crimes committed by Hamas against Palestinians did not pass because it did not pin any blame on the Jewish state. The 23-year-old student, who had never previously failed an essay at university, was forced to resit the module, which she passed. Despite this, Miss Greyman was unable to get her undergraduate degree certificate in time to take up a place on a master’s course at Glasgow University.

Why the Detmold District Court is responsible

The fact that the district court in Detmold has to do with this topic is because the plaintiff's farm is located in East Westphalia-Lippe and thus near the court. At the first hearing in May, however, the presiding judge Manfred Pohlmeier showed himself very skeptically, on Friday he demanded further specification of the application. Verheyen considers this to be a first success, because the climate lawyer had also considered a dismissal. However, it is already clear: if necessary, the case goes to the Higher Regional Court of Hamm.

VW emphasized on Friday that nothing had changed in the situation. The court continues to have "serious doubts," said a company spokeswoman. VW rejects the allegations and instead underlines its progress in electromobility. In addition, the users of the vehicles are responsible for the lion's share of emissions, VW himself wants to be climate -neutral in its production chain by 2050 at the latest.

Vardy loses 'Wagatha Christie' libel case against Rooney

  Vardy loses 'Wagatha Christie' libel case against Rooney Rebekah Vardy has lost the 'Wagatha Christie' High Court libel battle she brought against Coleen Rooney over a viral social media post. In her judgment, Judge Justice Steyn said Rooney had succeeded in establishing that the essence of her social media post was "substantially true" - that's to say Vardy was responsible for leaking her private information to the press.In her conclusion, she said: "I have found that Ms Vardy was party to the disclosure to The Sun...

We suffer from heat and drought.

Ulf Allhoff-Cramer

The lawsuit of the organic farmer is not the only one of this kind. Before the Braunschweig district court, two Greenpeace managing directors and a climate activist of the Fridys-for-Future movement with similar content against VW, there, exposes Verheyen against negotiation End of the year. In two parallel procedures, German environmental aid is proceeding against BMW and Mercedes, the trial against Mercedes will continue on Tuesday before the Stuttgart District Court.

The plaintiffs feel encouraged by the climate deadline of the Federal Constitutional Court from March last year. The highest German judges had warned that the greenhouse budget is finally and should not be used up at the expense of the following generations.

Biolandwirt Allhoff-Cramer wants to hand over his farm to his son next year, but he is worried that agriculture will no longer work in the future. "We suffer from heat and drought," he says. Because his cattle no longer find anything to eat on the pastures, he has to feed the food that should actually be enough for the winter in August. "Germany has developed from a water -rich, fertile location to a high -risk location," complains the farmer.

Duke of Marlborough is ordered to hand back the keys of his £132k Porsche Cayenne .
The 12th Duke of Marlborough, Charles James Spencer Churchill, pictured, paid £68,000 towards a Porsche Cayenne in 2018 and agreed to settle the balance by installments.Charles Spencer-Churchill, who owns spectacular Blenheim Palace, was not present in court in Oxford for the application to re-possess the top of the range luxury car.

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