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Cars: Why Steve Wozniak again exchanged his Tesla against a Mercedes

Mercedes Quartals figures: Mercedes-Benz sales and profit in Q2

 Mercedes Quartals figures: Mercedes-Benz sales and profit in Q2 © are provided by Handelsblatt from Daimler becomes Mercedes-Benz Group-there is another restart in Stuttgart. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = on July 27, 2022 Mercedes-Benz presented the balance for the second quarter. Find the current quarterly figures and previous year's comparisons. The most important thing about the quarterly figures of Mercedes-Benz The Mercedes-Benz Group, formerly Daimler, generated sales of 36.4 billion euros in Q2 2022. The company's business profit amounted to 4.6

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has long been considered a fan of Tesla's electric cars-even if he was disappointed by the company and its boss Elon Musk. Now the touchscreen operation has ensured that Wozniak changes to Mercedes again.

Tesla: Bedienung per Touchscreen offenbar nicht unkompliziert. © Foxy Burrow/Shutterstock Tesla: Operation via touchscreen obviously not uncomplicated. Steve Wozniak , co-founder of the Tech Group Apple, has two Tesla Model S and was long fans of the electric cars of the US startup. However, he was already disappointed in 2018 that Tesla boss Elon Musk had spoken too optimistic information about the development of the autonomous driving skills of the vehicles. Wozniak disappointed about Tesla promise Finally, according to Musk, the first Tesla should roll through the United States at the end of 2017 without human intervention. He bought his second Tesla specifically because of these announcements, So Wozniak . A failure that was not cleared up four and a half years later. [Crosslinks IDS = "1497041,1495305,1492604"] Wozniak accused Musk at a panel discussion in Stockholm at the time, too much vertebrae to organize its driving assistance systems with cheap excuses from their own mistakes. "I believed everything, but now I don't think anything about what Elon Musk or Tesla say," said a disappointed Wozniak. No more love for Tesla cars? But he still loves the vehicles, affirmed Wozniak. similarly expressed the Woz in spring 2022. But now love for the Teslas also seems to have been faded. As part of the Digital X conference, Wozniak said on Tuesday that he will never touch a Tesla again. The reason for this is the touchscreen operation of the vehicles. Tesla has the "most terrible user interface" for the Apple co-founder. Even for simple settings, for example to operate the radio, he has to tap the screen several times. In the case of the radio, he had to type 13 times. [Articlegallery id = "133"] The software updates at Teslas are particularly annoying, through which the operation would then also be changed. Apparently not for the better, as one could suspect in view of Wozniak's statements. Wozniak changes back to Mercedes at Mercedes, the user interface is better solved, writes , citing Wozniak. Therefore, he ordered a vehicle from the German brand manufacturer again. He already had one before the Teslas. A few weeks ago, the fact that the touchscreen operation not only causes the 72-year-old problems a corresponding test of a Swedish car newspaper. Accordingly, simple operating tasks in the car can be done easier with buttons and switches than via touchscreen while driving.

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