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Cars: Further need for discussion of the EU for the controversial US funding of e-cars

Unity in the federal government: The subsidies for electric cars are to decrease

 Unity in the federal government: The subsidies for electric cars are to decrease The state funding system for electric cars is turned over - the government has now agreed on how exactly this should happen. © Photo: Imago Images/Michael Gstettenbauer A charging station for electric cars. buyers of electric cars should receive less support from the state in the future. According to the German Press Agency, the federal government agreed on new subsidy rules.

Neuhardenberg (Reuters)-The European Commission and the US spoken.

G7-Handels- und Wirtschaftsminister bei einer Arbeitssitzung im Schloss Neuhardenberg, Deutschland © Reuters/Pool G7 Handels and Economic Minister at a working meeting in Neuhardenberg Castle, Germany

"I have expressed our concerns," said EU Commission Vice Vice Dombrovskis on Thursday to journalists at Neuhardenberg Castle leading industrialized nations (G7) days. The measures could violate rules of the WTO world trade organization. There will be further discussions in the coming weeks and months. "We agreed that our teams will now go down more."

The tax credits should only apply if the e-car manufacturers are not dependent on China and invest in the production of batteries in the USA. Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck had said Reuters this week that the case showed that trading policy would be operated here. It is problematic if even Europeans are excluded. "In this respect, I don't find it happy what the Americans did."

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