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Cars: Sales of new cars in Europe: after 13 months of torpor, a small jolts at the end of summer

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Dans un marché morose, les ventes de la nouvelle Alpine A110 (Renault) marquent une progression remarquable. supplied by Tribune in a gloomy market, sales of the new Alpine A110 (Renault) mark remarkable progression.

After a long decrease of thirteen consecutive months, sales of new cars in Europe experienced a slight rebound at the end of the summer: +4.4% in August, according to the European Association of Manufacturers (Acea ) this Friday.

An almost unexpected rebound in a context that could not be more gloomy since the market has been decreasing 11.9% since the start of the year with nearly 6 million cars sold since last January.

and we expected the worst with a summer season starting with a huge dive at -15.4% in June, followed from another at -10.4% in July.

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in August, upward sales therefore mark a real rebound, compared to a month of August 2021 catastrophic that had dropped 15% compared to August 2020, however in full pandemic.

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if we look at the situation on The main EU markets in August, the increases can be singularly different from one country to another: +3% in Germany, +3.8% in France, but +9.1% in Spain and until at +9.9% in Italy.

However, with 650,305 cars sold in August, the European market remains "well below its level before the pandemic", certainly exceptional having regard to high sales recorded in 2018 and 2019, underlined the ACEA in a statement.

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Logistics brakes and shortages of

components since spring 2021, the automotive market has been slowed down in Europe and America by a series of logistical problems, including a shortage of semiconductors. These electronic chips, mainly produced in Asia, are essential for the manufacture of phones and laptops, but also cars that always embark more electronics.

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semiconductor crisis with stabilization of flea supply, the ACEA provided for a rebound in automobile sales in the second half of 2022 but the War in Ukraine came to shower this optimism.

Alpine, UFO of the market: +62% increase between 2021 and 2022

Most manufacturers still garnered large profits in the first half thanks to an increase in prices.

In August, the Volkswagen group rebounded by 7.9% and Stellantis by 10.6%.

The Renault group continued to back down (-7.2%) despite the good results of Dacia (+19.5%with 246,311 sales), and Hyundai displayed a slight drop of 0.6%.

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Note, the Alpine surprise (Renault), which, according to , the ACEA ranking displays an increase of +62% in Western Europe, Efta and United Kingdom areas. Over the period January to August 2022, this vehicle which embodies a summit of French automotive engineering, sold in this perimeter at 2,030 units against 1,249 units over the same period of the previous year.

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