Cars: A man who sells his house offers a Tesla in addition

Crash-test of a tampered electric car: AXA apologizes

 Crash-test of a tampered electric car: AXA apologizes supplied by Clubic Crash Tesla Axa © © © Axa The multiple negative reactions around the AXA crash-test continue © Axa The company D 'AXA insurance has been in turmoil for a long week now, due to a crash test operated on an electric car with questionable conclusions. This Thursday, September 1, 2022, the firm published a new press release from the numerous stormy reactions caused by the photos and videos published by the company.

« Les messages privés sur Twitter devraient avoir un chiffrement de bout en bout comme sur Signal, comme cela personne ne peut vous pirater ou vous espionner. » supplied by Bang Showbiz "Private messages on Twitter should have end -to -end encryption as on signal, as no one can hack you or spy on you.

A man who wishes to stand out from other sellers to sell his house offered a Tesla as a gift.

The property, which is in New Zealand, has seven bedrooms and five bathrooms and has been on sale for several weeks.

The owner of the house therefore offers a Tesla to lighten the price of the house.

In 30 years, this is the first time that the real estate market has been lowering so much in New Zealand.

Economists explained: “The increase in mortgage rates continues to weigh on housing prices and sales.

Besides, economists still predict a drop in prices for the coming months.

Teslas "Full Self-Driving" is now available for everyone in North America. This was announced by Elon Musk on Twitter. The prerequisites that were previously applied seem to go out. .
© Shutterstock / Jose Gil FSD is spreading further. The “Full Self-Driving” driving assassination program from Tesla is now available for all Tesla owners in North America. The program is currently in the beta phase and was previously only available for drivers who meet certain requirements. These had to have driven at least 100 miles with Tesla's autopilot and have a high value in the manufacturer's safety score function in order to show that they are safe drivers.

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