Cars: a last reunion with the "old" indy? In "Indiana Jones 5" Harrison Ford is rejuvenated by 25 years!

The first preview of the theme music for Indiana Jones 5 have been revealed

  The first preview of the theme music for Indiana Jones 5 have been revealed The composer teased a snippet of Phoebe Waller-Bridge's character theme.Legendary film composer John Williams performed a snippet from the soundtrack of the upcoming fifth Indiana Jones movie for a lucky crowd in Los Angeles last Friday.

  Ein letztes Wiedersehen mit dem © Paramount

A " Indiana Jones " film needs a good opening scene. Explosive traps, rolling stones, atomic bombs, toxic arrows - a good start is half the battle here. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have already suddenly thrown the viewers into action and expressed their love for classic adventure series. Of course there are big expectations for director James Mangold , who will now stage the end of the Indy saga. And also for the opening scene, the filmmaker has considered something very special that the audience should make it nostalgic ...

Because in the opening sequence we can experience a young Harrison Ford again, who, like in the old parts Swinging and Nazis are wi ...

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"Indiana Jones 5": Harrison Ford will be rejuvenated digitally to face the Nazis .
much awaited by fans of the franchise, "Indiana Jones 5" reserves its share of surprises ... The Empire media notably revealed that the scene of Opening of the film was going to unveil a Harrison Ford… Fifteen years after the fourth disappointing fourth part of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Harrison Ford is making a comeback in the skin of Indiana Jones! Despite his 80th birthday, the famous actor still seems ready to do battle. In this new adventure, the hero will once again face Nazis.

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