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After intensive negotiations, Volkswagen and IG Metall have agreed on a tariff conclusion for around 125,000 employees in the six West German locations. Fee and training allowances will be increased by 5.2 percent from June 2023 and from May 2024 by a further 3.3 percent. As in the area, the term was 24 months, IG Metall said on Wednesday morning. The union invited to a press conference in Hanover for 9:00 a.m., in which the details of the degree are to be presented.

Ein VW-Mitarbeiter im Werk in Wolfsburg. © Swen Pförtner/dpa Pool/dpa A VW employee at the work in Wolfsburg.

The VW employees also receive an inflation compensation premium of 3000 euros, which will be paid in two steps in February 2023 (2000 euros) and in January 2024 (1000 euros). Trainees each receive half, as IG Metall further announced. In addition, VW-specific new regulations for partial retirement (ATZ), for the options for free days and with the university fees.

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Thorsten Gröger, IG Metall negotiator, said: "More than 4,000 employees have increased the pressure on employers at the second trial." VW got the curve shortly before the end of the peace. "I don't want a secret of the fact that it was not easy for the argument - that alone shows the extremely long negotiation duration at night."

Cavallo: "A really solid conclusion"

CEO Daniela Cavallo said: "We have succeeded in a really solid conclusion in difficult times. The colleagues quickly get more money. »

Arne Meiswinkel, negotiator of Volkswagen AG and Human Resources Officer of the Volkswagen Parks brand, said: "We have a degree within the obligation to peace and thus create sustainable planning security and stability for both employees and for the company."

The VW house tariff was negotiated for the regular workforce of the Braunschweig, Emden, Hanover, Kassel, Salzgitter and Wolfsburg and some daughters. The union had called for an increase of eight percent for the approximately 125,000 tariff employees, an extension of the collective agreement on partial retirement, more free days for members of the union and a takeover of the semester fees for dual students of the company.

VW agreed strong wage surcharge - new scholarship program .
- by Jan Schwartz © Thomson Reuters Archive: Volkswagen logo on a car of the German automobile manufacturer on a street in Sydney, Australia Hamburg (Reuters) - Volkswagen and IG Metall The high level of inflation agreed to increase wage increases for the approximately 125,000 employees in West Germany. The tariff package laced after a twelve -hour negotiating marathon in early Wednesday morning provides for income increases in two levels by 8.5 percent and a one -off payment of 3000 euros net

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