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Cars: The RC Lens goes hunting for the

Renaud back: his surprise appearance where we really did not expect him

 Renaud back: his surprise appearance where we really did not expect him © Veeren / Bestimage Renaud back: his surprise appearance where we really did not expect him very discreet since his operation of the heart, the singer Renaud made a remarkable and reassuring appearance on Sunday October 2, 2022 during a football match in Lens. "I eliminated the cigarette, I went from sixty per day to fifteen. I am addicted to the vaping machine. And I stopped alcohol for six months. I am a new man," said Renaud in September 2021 to the Parisian .

  Le RC Lens part à la chasse des arnaqueurs de billets © ticket scams provided by Lensois

a real scourge! The sale of match tickets at exorbitant prices has been going well for a while already. And despite the implementation of an official resale platform on the RC Lens site, some subscribers decide to resell their ticket to other sites, at disproportionate prices. Many, too, are the supporters to point the finger at this illegal practice on social networks. Some are also victims of scam. It has sometimes happened that a seller sells his entry ticket several times in order to make a maximum of benefits, leaving buyers on the tile, with a ticket already validated by someone else. So to try to put an end to this practice, the Racing Club of Lens decided to take matters into their own hands. Deleted Tickets, Subscription Suspended of club employees manage to identify these unscrupulous resellers before bringing the elements to their hierarchy. And that's where the first summons falls. Once known, the dealer will receive an email from the club. In this one, the club indicates that it has learned of your unlawful resale of tickets through a secondary market ". The supporter in question is therefore given notice by the institution, he has 24 hours after receiving the email, to delete his ad and warn the club that the operation is carried out. In the event that the supporter decides to turn a deaf ear, the RC Lens will simply cancel their access ticket , without possible reimbursement. The club also keeps the right to completely cancel the subscription of the support identified . Knowing that legal proceedings can also be launched in the event of recurrence. Today, the Racing Club of Lens has already contacted around fifty identified resellers deleted around twenty tickets.

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Boxing Day hunts see return of protests against the ‘barbaric' and ‘sadist' tradition .
Although the sport was banned in 2004, campaigners argue that the practice still continues across the country.On Boxing Day the Labour Party declared if it comes into power it will work to further constrict laws by criminalising "trail hunting", which is the practice of following an artificial scent.

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