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Cars: nantes. Appreciate a scenic experience with the trilogy of immoral tales

Food Hall in Nantes. For restaurateurs, mayonnaise took

 Food Hall in Nantes. For restaurateurs, mayonnaise took © Ouest-France several dozen people were present in front of the nine restaurants of Food Hall, at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, August 30. The restaurateurs installed in Magmaa, a food hall located in the heart of the island of Nantes, open since June 30, are generally satisfied with their first months.

Phia Ménard utilise la danse et l’architecture pour exprimer ses idées. © Compagnie Non Nova Phia Ménard uses dance and architecture to express his ideas.

This creation by Phia Ménard presents itself as an impressive scenic experience, in three parts, to see Wednesday January 4 and Thursday January 5 at the Cité des Congrès in Nantes.

For more than twenty years, Phia Ménard signs spectacular plays and engaged at the crossroads of theater, circus and performance. In this creation, she oscillates between political tale and mythological narrative in reaction to a Europe in crisis, taken in vice between ultraliberalism and patriarchal power.

The trilogy of immoral tales was created in Avignon in 2021 with three interdependent fables where bodies are fighting between creation and destruction of a city. First a solo, parent company, with a woman who looks like a punk warrior; Then a second part, a father temple, with a tower of Babel which threatens to collapse, and in the third part, the prohibited meeting, which questions "the collateral damage caused by the neoliberal system on the individual". This spectacle of Phia Ménard presents itself as a scenic experience in three parts which impresses by the force of its symbolic images. A co -eating with the Grand T, the unique place and the Cité des Congrès de Nantes.

Wednesday 4 and Thursday 5 January, at 8 p.m., at the Cité des Congrès in Nantes, price € 12 at 25 €. Duration: 3 h 15. Contact. Tel. 02 51 88 20 00.

From April 7, 2023, the hyperrealist sculpture exposes the Nantes Museum of Arts .
© Adagp, Paris 2022, Photo © C. Clos-Museum of Nantes Duane Hanson, "Flea Market Lady" , 1990. "hypersensitive" is the name of the large exhibition of the Nantes museum which will succeed the current "train trip". To see from Friday April 7, 2023. After "The train trip", an exhibition that will end its trip Sunday February 5, The Nantes Arts Museum continues from Friday April 7 and until Sunday 3 September with "hypersensitive".

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