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Cars: Further failures at regional trains Metronom, Erixx and Enno

Is this Jonas Vingegaard's secret?

  Is this Jonas Vingegaard's secret? Is this Jonas Vingegaard's secret?

The regional trains Metronom, Erixx and Enno are expecting additional failures this week due to sick staff. In all likelihood, the bottlenecks are likely to lead to “some connections cannot be offered on all routes in the three networks”, the operator said on Tuesday. Where exactly when which routes are omitted, cannot be said in concrete planning - but one is working "with high pressure to replace the disease -related open layers in the driving staff at short notice".

Eine Anzeige weist auf einen Zugausfall hin. © Marijan Murat/dpa/symbol image An advertisement indicates a train failure.

Even before the Christmas holidays, there were similar problems due to the high general sick leave: the metronomy society warned of further train failures until the new year. Over the past few days, 7 to 11 percent of the train drivers had been sick, and there were also a number of colleagues in the control center and the administration. The company advised travelers to plan more time and to find out about the information from Deutsche Bahn in advance. The metronome runs between Bremen and Hamburg and between Hamburg and Hanover.

SNCF strike: 2 out of 3 trains planned on average on Christmas weekends .
© Arnaud Journois 2 trains out of 3 should circulate at the SNCF for the Christmas weekend. Illustration TGV Gare de l'Est The movement mainly touches TGV. It is indeed on high -speed lines that dissatisfaction is the most important. According to forecasts broadcast this Tuesday by the SNCF, Two on three trains will run on average on Friday , Christmas weekend watch, and the same rate of elbow trains is expected for Saturday and Sunday, since strike notice Controllers have been maintained.

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