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Cars: Dakar 2023. "Doing mechanical sports, it also allows you to develop the vehicles of tomorrow"

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David Castera, responsable du Dakar, assure que les questions liées à l’environnement sont prises au sérieux et que cela va permettre de « développer les voitures de demain ». © Photo: Franck Fife / AFP David Castera, Dakar manager, assures that environmental questions are taken seriously And that this will allow "to develop the cars of tomorrow".

At the dawn of the 45th edition of the Dakar, whose security has been increased compared to last year, David Castera, head of the race organized by Amaury Sport Organization, compared his race to "a laboratory" concerning the environmental subjects. "The Dakar must serve something," he assured AFP.

While the Dakar sets off this Saturday, December 31, in Saudi Arabia for its 45th edition , its boss David Castera confided in AFP on security issues but also the environmental that raises the car race. For him, this competition is "an open -air laboratory to prepare what the cars of tomorrow" will be.

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What additional security measures did you take after the 2022 edition, an explosion theater, two according to French investigators ?

To take into account what happened last year, even if we do not have access to the file, we upgraded security with local forces, the Saudis help us. We set up the safety of a notch on all that is bivouac access. Today, we are lucky to have only bivouacs so, somewhere, for us, it's easier too. In addition, we do the whole course with the authorities and we make a huge book, we take all the points of arrival, departure, all the crossroads, all the refueling points and possibly the spectator zones to ensure the safety of each point. This is another aspect of rally safety.

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"a dynamic for everyone in 2026 to be in low program"

The environmental questions are in all the debates. What is the Dakar doing to get to the page?

This is the problem of all car sports. It is true that today, doing mechanical sports, it seems not to be in tune with the times, but it also allows you to develop the vehicles of tomorrow. The Dakar must serve something, it is an open -air laboratory to prepare what the cars of tomorrow will be. We go to new vehicles that will pollute less […] We have a lot of small projects that start to be born (electric, hydrogens, biofuels, etc.), but we have trouble. We have cars that are ready, but that I do not know how to roll because the hydrogen stations, it does not set up as quickly as the development of technology. So you have to make logistics, supplies, with the advancement of technology must be coincided. It’s really a fairly strong challenge but we’re on it and we launched a dynamic so that everyone in 2026 is in low broadcast. Zero it doesn't exist, but you can be very low.

Ultra-performing and vintage ranges rub shoulders on a rally, half of the participants are amateurs. Are there two Dakar in one?

The point of convergence is the passion for mechanics, desert and adventure. There is a form of nostalgia for the Dakar of the 1980s, because it was there that he was born. We always turn to the genesis of a story so we remember these years, years of absolute discoveries [...] The history of the Dakar is still written today. There are three stories: that of the past, we must not forget where we come from, because there are enthusiasts. The current Dakar that moults and we are on the future Dakar with projects in all directions.

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