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Entertainment: Would Star Trek: Discovery’s David Ajala Be Doctor Who’s Next Doctor? The Actor Responds

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Actor David Ajala returns to television this week as Cleveland Booker in Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery and, given his lengthy career, fans may expect to see him remain on TV for years to come. In fact, there have been some calls for the British actor to return to a series he’s surely familiar with, Doctor Who, but in an entirely different role. Some fans want to see Ajala as The Doctor when Jodie Whittaker leaves, but is that something that will actually happen?

Cleveland Booker in Star Trek: Discovery © Provided by CinemaBlend Cleveland Booker in Star Trek: Discovery

I got a chance to speak to David Ajala following Star Trek: Discovery’s panel at New York Comic-Con. While talking about Season 4, we also briefly touched on whether or not he’d throw his hat in the ring to be the next Doctor on long-running sci-fi show. First, Ajala was sure to give the proper respect to the current Doctor before providing some reasonable thoughts on the idea of taking over the lead role:

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Clearly, the fan-favorite actor isn’t about to disappoint his admirers by closing the door on any major job. So yes, count him in as someone who would welcome the opportunity to star as The Doctor when Russell T. Davies returns to the franchise. As for whether or not it’ll happen is anyone’s guess, as it’s possible Doctor Who hasn’t even auditioned actors for the role yet.

The actor would be an interesting choice for The Doctor and would be the first Black male to play Doctor Who’s lead in franchise history. Years ago, he guest-starred in the Season 5 episode “The Beast Below” as Peter. Thankfully, a prior guest spot doesn’t hurt his chances of playing the role. After all, Peter Capaldi and Karen Gillan originally both guest-starred as other characters before landing their signature franchise roles.

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But because David Ajala is with Star Trek: Discovery for at least its fourth season, so his work commitments to the show could present a scheduling conflict. Of course, we have no idea what the future holds for his character Cleveland Booker but, if he exits at some point this season, perhaps those rumors of Ajala joining Doctor Who will gain more steam.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 hits Paramount+ on Thursday, November 18th, and his performance may help serve as a gauge for fans who may be on the fence about him becoming the new Doctor. Meanwhile, Doctor Who: Flux is currently airing on BBC America on Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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