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Entertainment: Netflix Pulls Braggadocious Move And Orders TV Show About Blockbuster Video

Netflix announces "mind boggling" Squid Game viewer numbers

  Netflix announces "The breadth of Squid Game's popularity is truly amazing."The company has now announced that the South Korean thriller, which follows a group of indebted people who compete in a series of deadly children's games for a huge cash prize, has been watched by 142 million households.

Every day, Netflix seems to be expanding its roster of originals with a new series. But the streamer’s latest move may be seen as petty by some subscribers. Netflix is developing one of its former competitors’ stories into a series. The streamer is bringing Blockbuster Video back to the small screen.

The Last Blockbuster © Provided by CinemaBlend The Last Blockbuster

According to The Hollywood Reporter,  the streamer gave a straight-to-series series order for a workplace comedy based on the once-omnipresent video rental store, fittingly called Blockbuster. It would center around the last Blockbuster Video store located in the U.S. The comedy was given a 10-episode order, with WandaVision and Fresh Off the Boat alum Randall Park set as the series’ lead.

Army of the Dead prequel movie gets mixed reviews

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The potential series was picked up by Netflix after NBC passed on the script by Superstore writer Vanessa Ramos. After the network passed on it, Universal Television decided to shop the series elsewhere. Ramos created the Blockbuster comedy along with David Caspe and Jackie Clarke, both of whom previously worked on Happy Endings. The three creators will serve as executive producers and writers for the untitled series. The series will join other Universal-Netflix productions, including Never Have I Ever and Manifest.

Netflix ordering a Blockbuster Video series is a full-circle moment given the two companies’ history. When Netflix was just a DVD subscription service, Blockbuster had the opportunity to buy the company in 2000 for $50 million. But the video rental giant didn’t take the offer seriously. Unfortunately, that ill-fated decision led to Blockbuster’s demise as Netflix’s eventual streaming business model drove the company out of existence. Who wants to rent videos and DVDs with potential late fees when you can stream films and television series from your couch?

Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk responds to criticism over the show's ending

  Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk responds to criticism over the show's ending "I wouldn't change my ending."Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has responded to criticism over the show's conclusion, admitting that he "wouldn't change" the ending.

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The series concept might hit close to home for the former video rental giant. There’s currently one Blockbuster Video store still open in Oregon. It would be nice to see if the upcoming series draws any inspiration from the last Blockbuster. Of course, there’s a whole documentary about the location, which came out in 2020. Maybe viewers will get the chance to get an Airbnb-themed episode.

Due to the connections to the recently-ended Superstore, it will be nice to see if the Blockbuster comedy will follow the same template as the NBC workplace comedy. It seems to be heading in that direction. Since the script was originally developed for NBC, it might be Netflix’s answer to The Office and Parks and Recreation after both series flew over to Peacock. This could be the streamer’s chance to fill the void.

There is currently no production start or release date set for the workplace comedy. Outside of Randall Park, there has been no further casting news for the Netflix series. Hopefully, the streamer will give Blockbuster Video the proper justice it deserves. Highlighting the last Blockbuster seems primed for some zany workplace antics all viewers deserve. Until this comedy drops on Netflix, you can check out these amazing workplace comedies in the meantime.

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