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Entertainment: La Casa de Panel Season 5 Part 2 (Netflix): Tokyo is back but ...

Army of the Dead prequel movie gets mixed reviews

  Army of the Dead prequel movie gets mixed reviews Is Army of Thieves a hit or a miss?Set several years before the events of Zack Snyder's zombie horror hit Army of the Dead, Army of Thieves introduces us to a slightly younger and less zombie-weary version of safecracker Ludwig Dieter (Matthias Schweighöfer, who also directs the movie).

La Casa de Papel saison 5 partie 2 (Netflix) : Tokyo est de retour mais… © Capture Netflix France La Casa de Panel Season 5 Part 2 (Netflix): Tokyo is back but ... J-9 before the Return from Panel Casa to Netflix! The Spanish series is approaching the end with 5 ultimate episodes. Painted by the death of Tokyo, the subscribers wonder if the young woman would return for the last episodes. Here is the answer !

In 2017, Netflix unveils for the first time, Casa of Panel . The Spanish series immediately wins a huge success. The subscribers then discover a mysterious man named the teacher, who plans the best robbery made in the company of the eight best Malfrats of Spain. Together, they will steer the national factory of currency and stamp, and now the Royal Bank of Spain. From December 3, the last episodes of Casa of Panel will be broadcast . After the death of Tokyo who moved more than one, one wonders if the incendiary brunette will return in the season 5.

Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk responds to criticism over the show's ending

  Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk responds to criticism over the show's ending "I wouldn't change my ending."Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has responded to criticism over the show's conclusion, admitting that he "wouldn't change" the ending.

Tokyo back in Casa de Panel?

His death at the end of the first part of the 5 season surprised Netflix's subscribers. Trapped in the kitchen of the Bank of Spain with Denver and Manila, Tokyo sacrifices to save his friends. Following a dramatic confrontation with the authorities, it is fatally injured. Before dying, she indicates that she removed the pins of her explosive grenades. The explosion kills Gandia and his soldiers. After the death of his character, the actress Ursula Corbero said: " This is a very symbolic end for Tokyo. There is a morality in all that: enjoy life. It's very interesting and easy to understand in the episode [...] She talks about the different lives she has experienced because the teacher gave him a second life. It's really beautiful ". But, the canvas remains persuaded that Tokyo will be back in the second part. And for good reason ... In a tweet published by Netflix, we discover úrsula corberó discussing the return of her character. She could thus reappear in the form of flashbacks ... It will wait until December 3 to find out if we will really find her!

New The Witcher season 2 trailer teases the "end of days" and even more monsters

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Whaaaaaat Is Happening?!?!

- Netflix (@netflix) november 17, 2021 An explosive end for Papel

Casa a few days from the broadcast of the second part, Netflix unveiled a small teaser. A short video, relayed on the Twitter account of the platform, where it collects the impressions of the actors at the idea that the series ends. Title " Making The End ", Alvaro Dead (Professor) said: "People can not go to bed after looking at one of these episodes." Words that suggest that the end will be explosive. Part 2 of Season 5 will reveal the consequences of Tokyo's death and especially the way the robberry team will succeed in the Bank of Spain while remaining unscathed. Answer on December 3rd!

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The Casa de Panel: a Star of Squid Game will play Berlin in the Korean adaptation of the Netflix series (VIDEO) .
© Capture Twitter The Casa de Panel: A star of Squid Game will play Berlin in the adaptation Korean of the Netflix Series (VIDEO) Ads around Casa de Panel continue before the broadcast of season 5 Part 2. A Korean version is in preparation with one of the actors of the Squid Game series and he will incarner Berlin. The actors of La Casa de Papel were gathered for an exceptional day organized in Madrid, on Tuesday, November 30.

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