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Entertainment: Elvis Presley: The Beatles' Paul McCartney agrees with John Lennon's view of The King

Paul McCartney: 'The Beatles had fun making snobs angry'

  Paul McCartney: 'The Beatles had fun making snobs angry' PAUL MCCARTNEY has spoken out about The Beatles' legendary rooftop gig just after they recorded their final album, Let It Be, while explaining that they didn't write the band's music for everyone.All four members of the band - McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr - came from working-class backgrounds in Liverpool.

Growing up in 1950s Liverpool, John Lennon and Paul McCartney fell in love with rising star Elvis Presley's rock and roll music. When The Beatles reached the heights of his fame for themselves, the Fab Four famously met The King at his LA home in 1965. However, as time went by, their assessment of the singer - who told President Nixon in 1970 that they were anti-American - changed.

Just two days before his murder on December 8, 1980, Lennon told BBC Radio 1 that Elvis was never the same again after he joined the army in 1958.

The King went to West Germany for his two years of military service and returned to star in a string of movies, many of which were of poor quality.

Elvis Presley broke silence on rumours he 'couldn't play guitar' - 'maybe someday'

  Elvis Presley broke silence on rumours he 'couldn't play guitar' - 'maybe someday' ELVIS PRESLEY was relatively young when he started out in the mid-1950s, and his fan club was extremely eager to learn whether he actually did know how to play his signature instrument, and how he used it as a "prop".Elvis wrote to his fan club: "There's been another rumour of sorts that's kind of amusing. I read in one magazine that I can't play a note on the guitar, and in another, the same week, that I'm the greatest guitar player in the world. Well, both of those stories are wrong.

The 40-year-old said: "When Elvis died, people were harassing me in Tokyo for a comment."

"Well I'll give it yer now, he died when he went in the army. That's when they killed him. The rest of it was just a living death."

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elvis, john and paul © GETTY elvis, john and paul elvis in the army © GETTY elvis in the army

Lennon said of Elvis' military service: "But [it wasn't like] going to a Zen monastery and going to India to meditate.

"Or going to Scotland and growing melons or something, whatever they're doing up there in that place."

In 1994, McCartney shared a similar view of The King during an interview with guitar writer Tony Bacon.

The Beatles legend said: "Elvis was the guy. He ended up a complete plonker, unfortunately-he turned in the end, wanted to become a Federal drug marshal."

'I was awful!' - Elvis Presley struggled to say certain words on screen

  'I was awful!' - Elvis Presley struggled to say certain words on screen ELVIS PRESLEY found himself at the mercy of his nerves when he was trying to act, as a speech impediment left him struggling through a screen test in his early acting career.On the expansive question and answer article, Elvis opened up about his greatest ambition - acting.

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Nevertheless, McCartney added: "But I did love him in the early days, and yes, when we met him, that's the period I remember.

"I don't bother when you go into Vegas and the rhinestones and all that-it's like he didn't exist from then on for me."

Earlier this year, Queen drummer Roger Taylor shared with a similar view of how Elvis changed.

The 72-year-old told us: "I think Elvis influenced everybody. I was very young then, only in the beginning. He was so fantastic in the very early day and so mesmeric if you watch the early footage of him performing. He was just fabulous."


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Elvis Presley made a cheeky comment to TV show host over song choice

  Elvis Presley made a cheeky comment to TV show host over song choice ELVIS PRESLEY returned to the small screen in October 1956 on The Ed Sullivan Show, but this time around he made a hilarious comment towards the show's host.During his second arrival on the show Elvis performed his hit song Love Me (not to be confused with Love Me Tender) alongside a barbershop quartet known as the Jordanaires.

elvis timeline © EXPRESS elvis timeline

Like Lennon especially, Taylor believes it was all downhill for The King after his army service.

Taylor said: "I think after Elvis went in the army, he didn't influence [Queen] at all. In fact, he became a sort of side paragraph. He didn't really have a lot of relevance, I thought.

"He was a rebel, but when he joined the army it all sort of disappeared into sh***y films and paying off his manager's debts in Las Vegas."

Upon hearing The Beatle' view of the singer, he replied: "I couldn't agree more. John Lennon also said Little Richard's better than Elvis and I'd have to agree with him there!"

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