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Entertainment: Inside Britney Spears' humble ranch and more celebrity childhood homes

Christina Aguilera Wants a 'private Chat' with Britney Spears after Being Called out on Insta

  Christina Aguilera Wants a 'private Chat' with Britney Spears after Being Called out on Insta The pair have been friends on-and-off since the 90sMost recently, the 39-year-old turned her sights on fellow singer and former Mickey Mouse Club star, Christina Aguilera. ICYMI, Britney called out Christina on Instagram after she avoided answering questions about the 'Toxic' singer's conservatorship while on the red carpet at the 2021 Latin Grammy Awards.

Few TV casting decisions will ever make as much sense as Sam Elliott being added into the Yellowstone universe for Paramount+’s prequel drama 1883, with real-life couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill portraying the ranch-founding generation of the Dutton family. The show, which takes place in and around the titular year, is a hard-nosed look at how one person’s idea of the American Dream can be a total nightmare for everyone in his or her path. And while the streaming spinoff wouldn’t exist without Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone as a flashback-introducing foundation, Sam Elliott doesn’t think 1883 necessarily needs that recognition to stand on its own two successful feet. With boots on those feet, a’course.

Jimmy Kimmel burns 'hair and eyebrow off' during Thanksgiving

  Jimmy Kimmel burns 'hair and eyebrow off' during Thanksgiving Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel reveals he burned his "hair and eyebrow off" while cooking Thanksgiving dinner this week.The 54-year-old star has urged his followers not to follow by example after the awkward incident on Thursday (25.11.21), but thankfully he seemed unharmed and able to see the funny side.

Shea Brennan sitting outside in 1883 © Provided by CinemaBlend Shea Brennan sitting outside in 1883

Ahead of 1883’s big debut spread across both Paramount+ and Paramount Network, Sam Elliott spoke with CinemaBlend and other press about bringing his character Shea Brennan into existence, and what fans can expect to see from the massive cross-country journey he’s leading. When I asked him about being part of a dream team working with Taylor Sheridan, and how the experience has been for the legendary actor, Elliott said:

Sam Elliott definitely wasn’t dropping any disparaging comments about Yellowstone in and of itself, to be sure. Rather, the mustachioed actor was merely speaking to the idea that 1883 can be fully enjoyed as its own thing, completely independent of the mothership series, and that the connective narrative tissue isn’t necessary for this harrowing tale to be effective for audiences. The new series features a gripping story, attention-grabbing characters, gorgeous locations, and wild-west action. It’s essentially all the things people like about Yellowstone, but change a few names and might as well be a completely different franchise.

Sam Asghari pulled out all the stops for Britney's first birthday post-conservatorship

  Sam Asghari pulled out all the stops for Britney's first birthday post-conservatorship Sam Asghari pulled out all the stops for Britney Spears' first birthday since her conservatorship was terminated.The pop idol turned 40 on December 2, and the 27-year-old fitness instructor had plenty of surprises in store for his future wife, including jetting out for a luxury stay in celebrity hotspot Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

Of course, that would require someone else being responsible for 1883’s creation beyond Taylor Sheridan, and that just doesn’t seem possible. (Not only because Elliott has that opinion, but it certainly adds credence to the idea.) After all, who else but Sheridan would appear on Yellowstone referencing Sam Elliott’s Road House work in the same year when the latter actor would play a character partially responsible for the Yellowstone ranch being founded in Montana? Who else will have a TV show that features a scene with Tim McGraw and Tom Hanks? Nobody, probably.

Even beyond all of his compliments about Sheridan’s creativity and impact as the spearheader of 1883, Sam Elliott had more kind things to say about the showrunner, even about his work off the set. In his words:

After watching a few episodes of 1883, one can understand what Taylor Sheridan meant, as Elliott’s character Brennan is haunted by family tragedies and is subject to fits of rage regarding frontier justice. Beyond the emotional turmoil, the role is also quite physically demanding for the 77-year-old actor, who still looks more fit, skilled, and comfortable riding horses than I ever would. Now we’ll just have to wait and see if there’s a third brutal element coming for Sam Elliott, like his character has a flashback where he has to pour a bunch of ants into his eyeballs or something. Would that be enough to make someone hate Sheridan?

1883 streams new episodes on Paramount+ every Sunday, with Episode 2 set to air on linear TV on December 26, following a new episode of Yellowstone, but maybe just pretend that connection doesn’t even exist while watching.

Jamie Lynn Spears 'rejected offer to tour with new memoir' .
Jamie Lynn Spears turned down the opportunity to go on tour to promote her new book.The 30-year-old actress - who has recently been involved in a war of words with her sister Britney Spears - was approached about a book tour but she's decided to reject the offer.

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