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Entertainment: Could George Clooney Appear As Batman In The Flash? Here’s What Ben Affleck Thinks

JLo and Ben Affleck Still Dealing With Busy Schedules, But Made It Together For The T-Give Holiday

  JLo and Ben Affleck Still Dealing With Busy Schedules, But Made It Together For The T-Give Holiday Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck managed to get together for Thanksgiving, in spite of how busy they are.Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck may have shocked the world when they decided to begin dating again, back in the spring, after being apart for about 17 years, but they are continuing to make the most of the relationship by making time for each other, even as they work on projects far away from one another. TMZ reported that JLo flew into Los Angeles with her 13-year-old twins, Max and Emme, last Wednesday, so that she and Affleck could spend Thanksgiving together.

Audiences everywhere are still reveling in the multiverse high provided by Jon Watts' Spider-Man: No Way Home, and recognizing that energy only makes us more excited for Andy Muschietti's The Flash. Like the Marvel movie, the upcoming DC blockbuster is going to be doing a bit of canon blending when it arrives next year, as Ezra Miller and Ben Affleck are set to star alongside Michael Keaton – who is reprising his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman for the first time since 1992's Batman Returns.

Ben Affleck as Batman in Justice League © Provided by CinemaBlend Ben Affleck as Batman in Justice League

Eager as we are to see that happen, it does enhance audience curiosity. Will Keaton be the only prior live-action Caped Crusader to be in the movie? Or could the production bring back, for example, George Clooney's version from Batman & Robin?

Ben Affleck Talks Rekindling Romance With Jennifer Lopez At This Stage Of His Life

  Ben Affleck Talks Rekindling Romance With Jennifer Lopez At This Stage Of His Life Ben Affleck opens up about what it's been like to reconnect with Jennifer Lopez at this point in his life.The Last Duel writer/actor was asked point-blank about getting back together with his ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez, during an interview with the Wall Street Journal. He said that one of the major lessons he has learned is not to “share everything with the world” because they are, rightfully, “private and intimate.” However, the actor still seems to be just as giddy about Bennifer 2.0 as the rest of us.

This very question was recently posed to Ben Affleck during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, as the show's titular host went scoop digging about The Flash solo film. Affleck just recently worked with George Clooney on the new drama The Tender Bar, and Kimmel inquired about the possibility of Clooney being in the new DC movie – adding that Clooney would probably leak the information if they were in switched positions. Affleck responded,

Given the notorious reception of Batman & Robin, I feel inclined to believe that George Clooney is not going to appear in The Flash – but it's also certainly possible that George Clooney is actually in The Flash and Ben Affleck is just lying on his behalf here (after all, we've heard a lot of fibs recently from actors hiding their secret roles in big films).

Apparently Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Has Shot A Special Cameo, But There's A Catch

  Apparently Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Has Shot A Special Cameo, But There's A Catch Ahead of The Batman's March release, there's some new information about what's going on behind the scenes.Barry Keoghan is reportedly going to play a character named Officer Stanley Merkel in The Batman, but last month, the actor’s brother Eric Keoghan said that Barry is playing Joker in the film, before deleting his comments. Whether that’s true is tough to decipher, but The Hollywood Reporter did just learn something from “multiple sources” about The Batman that could point to an exciting cameo.

Another possibility is that the information is being kept compartmentalized. While George Clooney may actually be in The Flash, that may be a detail about the production of which Ben Affleck is totally unaware. Not only has it become common for actors in massive movies to not get full versions of the script, but Affleck also admitted on the talk show that he didn't actually spend any time with Michael Keaton on the set of the film. The actor/director added,

As far as Ben Affleck knows, George Clooney won't be in The Flash, but we won't actually know for sure until November 4, 2022, which is the release date for the upcoming blockbuster. It will be the fourth of five (yes, five) DC movies hitting theaters in the next year, with the other titles including Matt Reeves' The Batman, the animated DC League Of Super Pets, Jaume Collet-Serra's Black Adam, and James Wan's Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom.

You can learn about the full slate by heading over to our Upcoming DC Movies guide, and for a look at everything that is set to come out next year, check out our 2022 Movie Release Calendar.

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