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Entertainment: Britney Spears: After hinting online for many years, the Blogger Perez Hilton makes his Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa de Macron: "It was overwrought, a little fake", Tackle Yannick Jadot

 Mea Culpa de Macron: © Europe 1 Guest on the plateau of "Punchline" on Europe 1, the ecologist candidate in the presidential Yannick Jadot returned to the Interview of President Emmanuel Macron Wednesday night on TF1. For him, the mea culpa from the head of state over his statements that were able to hurt the French was "overwhelmed" and a little "fake". An yannick jadot annoyed by the game of "comedian" of Emmanuel Macron .

Britney Spears : après l'avoir harcelée en ligne durant de nombreuses années, le blogueur Perez Hilton fait son mea culpa © Imago Images / Mary Evans / 2021 Forest (Prod for the BBC) Britney Spears: After Harness Online for many years, the Blogger Perez Hilton makes his Mea Culpa on Monday, January 3, the channel channel + Docs broadcast at 20:55 The British documentary unpublished the battle for Britney: fans, cash and tutelage. Among the speakers, we find Perez Hilton, famous American People blogger, who had made Britney Spears one of his privileged targets in the 2000s.

on November 12, Britney Spears was released from his guardianship after 13 years Past under the Cup of his father Jamie Spears. Since then, the fiancée of Sam Asghari entrusted the first simple things she had made unattended but the subject of his tutelage always inspires the journalists. Amazon Prime Video has unveiled two documentaries made by The New York Times : Framing Britney Spears , a shock program not to miss , and Controlling Britney Spears , which revealed that its intimate relationships were controlled . Same on Netflix, with the Doc Britney vs Spears .

Britney Spears promises her fans a new song

 Britney Spears promises her fans a new song After Britney Spears (40) has been released from the guardianship of her father after 13 years of age, she can decide freely over her action. At the top of your TO-do list is obviously to start again as a musician. His numerous supporters on Instagram promises the Star in a post at any rate that already "a new song is in progress". © Carrie-Nelson / Britney Spears is the guardianship through her father after 13 years.

Perez Hitlon: " Without his guardianship, I sincerely think that Britney Spears would still be dead "

and it's now the case of Canal + too, which offers Monday January 3rd From 20:55 on Canal + Docs The new program The battle for Britney: fans, cash and tutelage , which unveils among other things the huge weekly salary that the Star advocate would have been touched for 13 years. The British journalist Mobeen Azhar meets both supporters and "detractors" of Britney Spears (like a paparazzi of the TMZ stable) in the months that preceded the lifting of the tutelage. And among those who consider that in recent years have been beneficial for the singer, we count Perez Hilton , famous American blogger specialized in people news. Now father of three children, he ensures have bought a good conduct after moving, on his site, many celebrities. " If she had not been placed under guardianship, I sincerely think that Britney was dead today. Absolutely ", he claims to Mobeen Azhar. " But there are aspects of this guardianship with which I do not agree ". Like the full powers given to the artist's father, Jamie.

Britney Spears: Why she is not ready to get back to music?

 Britney Spears: Why she is not ready to get back to music? © Hahn Lionel / Abaca Britney Spears: Why she is not ready to get back to music? Since September 29, Britney Spears is no longer under the tutelage of his father Jamie Spears, after 13 long years and months of judicial combat . This freedom found would hope that the singer could soon go back on stage. But, if rumors suggested that the star was ready to return to music, it's nothing.

Perez Hilton " regrets terribly " to have harassed Britney Spears

of the words " nuanced " which will waved attacks on the part of the fans movement #freebritney , accusing her of being paid by Jamie Spears , especially since he has in the past known " some rushed " with the singer. In the 2000s, while she was suffering from depression, he did not hesitate to qualify her on her blog of " parent inapte " or drug consumers. Since then, he said to have realized that he " harass " Britney Spears: " It was really awful. I regret it terribly. I did not realize ... At the time, I think that I was not really aware of what it was going through ". More than hurtful remarks who, he acknowledges, have been able to contribute to the deterioration of 's mental health the mother of two boys : " Yes, it's possible, and I regret it ".

Discover the documentary The battle for Britney: fans, cash and tutelle on Canal + Docs on Monday, December 3 from 20:55 and on Mykanal .

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