Entertainment: Britney Spears: The huge weekly salary of his lawyer Sam Ingham during the 13 years of his tutelage

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Britney Spears : l'énorme salaire hebdomadaire qu'aurait touché son avocat Sam Ingham durant les 13 années de sa tutelle © 2021 Forest (Prod for the BBC) Britney Spears: the huge weekly salary that his lawyer would have been touched Sam Ingham During the 13 years of his guardianship on Monday, January 3, Canal + Docs returns to the tutelage of Britney Spears with the unpublished documentary The battle for Britney: fans, cash and tutelage, broadcast from 20:55. A lawyer and activist, specializing in the rights of inheritance, including the enormous salary as Sam Ingham, a lawyer chosen by Britney Spears, would have touched for 13 years.

The case has made a lot of ink in the space of 13 years: Britney Spears has been since 12 November free of any guardianship after spending more than a decade under the Cup of his father Jamie Spears . The one that announced in October his engagement with Sam Asghari can now drive his car alone, buy candles or remove money from an distributor without fear that his intimate relationships are supervised as in the past. .

Britney Spears promises her fans a new song

 Britney Spears promises her fans a new song After Britney Spears (40) has been released from the guardianship of her father after 13 years of age, she can decide freely over her action. At the top of your TO-do list is obviously to start again as a musician. His numerous supporters on Instagram promises the Star in a post at any rate that already "a new song is in progress". © Carrie-Nelson / ImageCollect.com Britney Spears is the guardianship through her father after 13 years.

Britney Spears: his father Jamie had " hired a lawyer who knew exactly what to do "

these 13 years of guardians will have been profitable, financially, for his entourage. In addition to his father, who reversed a monthly salary and had received the court authority to receive a percentage on the tours of the mother of two boys , his lawyer Sam Ingham had also inherited a very profitable file. This is revealed the documentary the battle for Britney: fans, cash and tutelage , broadcast on Canal + Docs on Monday, January 3rd from 20:55, in which testimony the lawyer and member of the movement #freebritney Lisa McCarley. " Something happened after the birth of his second child. At one point she said to have suicidal thoughts. She did a depression. His father hired a lawyer who knew exactly what to do ", explains This activist of Los Angeles specializing in succession and guardianship rights.

Britney Spears: Why she is not ready to get back to music?

 Britney Spears: Why she is not ready to get back to music? © Hahn Lionel / Abaca Britney Spears: Why she is not ready to get back to music? Since September 29, Britney Spears is no longer under the tutelage of his father Jamie Spears, after 13 long years and months of judicial combat . This freedom found would hope that the singer could soon go back on stage. But, if rumors suggested that the star was ready to return to music, it's nothing.

Britney Spears: A 5-digit weekly salary for the lawyer Imposed

Sam Ingham then became the legal representative of the singer after the beginning of his guardianship. It is imposed on her by her father, but it is his bank accounts that pay him every month a salary. " I understand that Sam Ingham earned $ 10,000 a week ", Lisa McCarley balance. " All this story annoyed me. There is no private external agency for justice to which one can complain about a fault in the system. It must be repens e". Sam Ingham, he finally announced his withdrawal from the Spears file at the beginning of July.

Discover the documentary The battle for Britney: fans, cash and tutelle on Canal + Docs on Monday, December 3 from 20:55 and on Mykanal .

Britney Spears says it was prevented from drinking coffee during his .
tutelage supplied by Cover Media Britney Spears said that he had been forbidden to drink tea and coffee while it was happening at Las Vegas. Pop Star posted a message on Instagram this Tuesday (25 Jan 22) to share a video of her dancing in pink swimsuit during her holidays in Maui, Hawaii. In the legend that accompanies it, Britney Spears said she did not have the right to consume caffeine or go to the spa during her days spent in the city of the fishing.

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