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Entertainment: The Best Comedy Movies To Watch On Netflix Right Now

The 20 best Netflix Christmas movies to stream this holiday season

  The 20 best Netflix Christmas movies to stream this holiday season Check out our selection of the best Christmas movies streaming on Netflix nowMaybe you're on the hunt for a classic rom-com set-up, in which case look no further than Single All the Way or A Castle for Christmas. Then, you can never go wrong with Netflix's original animation Klaus, or the Princess Switch trilogy. Plus, everything on our list is available in both the US and the UK, so you can plan a movie marathon from both sides of the pond. Scroll on to check out the best Netflix Christmas movies to stream this holiday season.

Last night's Emmerdale saw serial killer Meena Jutla potentially lining up a new victim after new police officer Harriet Finch found herself caught up in the murderer's tangled web.

Emmerdale spoilers, Meena Jutla © Provided by WhatToWatch Emmerdale spoilers, Meena Jutla

Fans have watched in horror for months as Meena has worked her way through the village, killing off anyone who gets in the way of her evil plans.

After murdering her best friend before even coming to the village, Meena has since bumped off Leanna Cavanagh, Andrea Tate, and Ben Tucker as they all worked out her dark secrets.

And now things are looking grim for Meena's sister, Manpreet.

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Wednesday's episode (Jan. 5) saw Meena continue to torture her sister as she held her captive at Dale View... only for Rishi's worries about his ex-wife to bring the police to her door.

However, it wasn't just familiar village copper, PC Swirling who was doing the rounds. He was also joined by former village vicar Harriet Finch, who was back in police uniform after she decided on a career change.

But while Harriet and Swirling failed to dig very deep into Manpreet's disappearance, the fact they were sniffing around enraged Meena and lead to her scrapping her plan of killing Manpreet at the end of the week and seemingly bringing the deed forward.

Knowing that the walls were closing in on her, Meena took action and was later seen lugging a body wrapped in bin bags to her car under the cover of darkness.

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  The best upcoming movies: Matrix Resurrections, The King's Man, more The best upcoming movies: Matrix Resurrections, The King's Man, moreIn fact, we've put together a list of the best upcoming movies. These are all set to release either in the last month of 2021 or sometime next year. But we're only including movies with actual release dates and trailers. So, although studios have announced films that are coming in 2022, if there is no exact date or trailer for it yet, you won't find it below. Nevertheless, enjoy our roundup, and keep checking back for the latest updates.

But while it seemed Manpreet's days were numbered, spoilers have revealed that Meena is simply moving her sister to a new location... and soon Vinny Dingle will be joining her after unsuspectingly walking into Meena's trap.

With Paige Sandhu confirming her exit from the soap, we know that Meena's reign of terror is almost over... however, what happens to her is being kept under wraps. Will she die? Or will she get found out and thrown into prison where she belongs?

Before she gets her comeuppance, it seems Harriet might have to watch her back. With everyone who has stood in Meena's way so far ending up dead, could Harriet soon regret her change in career when her police work lands her in grave danger?

Meena is set to have a huge episode on Friday, Jan. 14... could this be the day she is finally found out? And will Harriet have anything to do with her downfall?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays - see our TV Guide for full listings. You can also catch up on ITV Hub now.

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