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Entertainment: Maite Kelly & Ben sugar: from & over! Her luck lies in Scherben

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now is everything out and over! The luck by Maite Kelly and Ben sugar is finally in shards.

Maite Kelly & Ben Zucker: Aus & vorbei! Ihr geteiltes Glück liegt in Scherben © Imago / Eibner Maite Kelly & Ben sugar: Out of & over! Her shared luck lies in Scherben

For about two years, the Corona Pandemic keeps the world in breathing. The result: Concerts are moved or deliberately canceled due to contact restrictions and Co.. Also Maite Kelly (42) and Ben Sugar (38) is the luck just not hold. Because: Instead of releasing your concerts at a time after the pandemic, they were without exception canceled.

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Because of Corona: Maite Kelly has to finally cancel planned tours!

Three times Maite Kelly had to move their planned Tour "Hello! The new show" already moves because of the Corona Pandemic . Now your Virus turns a stroke through the bill. "With a heavy heart, I have to tell you that my touring organizer, despite all the preparations, the tour must be canceled because of the ongoing pandemic," Maite Kelly explained her fans on Instagram.

means: Instead of moving the planned concerts a fourth time, they were completely canceled! "One says hope dies last. I still hope that I can start with you soon," says Maite Kelly ! The time in which you can not go to Tour , you want to use to write new songs and dream of a time, "in which we can sing and dance back together".

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The Tickets can be returned to the ticket agencies where they were purchased , , the organizer "Semmel Concerts" is called.

to Maite Kelly: Ben sugar also says Corona-Donditional his tour from

also Ben Sugar extended the same fate as Maite Kelly . Since the organizer "Semmel Concerts" currently assumed that after the latest Corona decisions the event industry "remains at least until the beginning of February 'admitted'" , his "now only quite" -arena-Tour was canceled without exception.

"We are all upset and annoyed - but are confident and are now for the summer dates for you," says Ben Sugar after the bad news. The hope for a return to normalness is known to date.

Maite Kelly hides big sadness behind her smile. Again and again the singer suffers from panic attacks. You can learn more about the video:

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article image and social media: Imago / Eibner / Skata

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