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Entertainment: NCIS Fans Already Planning For Tiva Reunion Following Michael Weatherly's Bull Exit At CBS

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When Michael Weatherly vacated the role of NCIS’ Tony DiNozzo Jr. in 2016 after 13 seasons, fans immediately started plotting for the character’s eventual return, even as the actor’s follow-up drama Bull became a popular series in its own right. Now, nearly six years later, Weatherly dropped the shocking bombshell that he’s bowing out of Bull at the conclusion of Season 6, with plans to take his career in other creative directions. Which, of course, means that NCIS viewers instantly began hoping that his updated career path will loop back around to his former gig on the network for all the big reunions, including one with Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David.

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Bull in glasses in Season 6 © Provided by CinemaBlend Bull in glasses in Season 6

Michael Weatherly revealed his big exit news two days ahead of Season 6’s eleventh episode, with another eleven episodes set to air in the coming months. That’s plenty of time for the actor to land another big role elsewhere on the small screen, or for him to reveal he’s got feature film plans in mind. But for the time being, fans have been pretty single-minded on Twitter regarding what Weatherly should do next. (Hint: it rhymes with “schme-uniting with Schmiva on Schmen-CIS.”) Posts such as the one seen below started popping up as procedural TV viewers started launching their hopes up into the clouds.

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And while the simple thought of seeing Tony DiNozzo again on NCIS out of context is fine enough for all of .5 seconds, it doesn’t take long for the idea of seeing everybody’s favorite former agent-coupling again to take over.

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Sure, there were probably Bull fanatics who shared their own super-upset reactions on social media, but it seemed like a lot of those responses were dwarfed by fans addressing the cancellation news alongside requests for #TivaTime once more. Such as this Twitter user:

The Twitter fan below didn't even pump the brakes at just the idea of Michael Weatherly returning to NCIS, but also threw out a request for Dark Angel repeats to air more. Not for a revival or anything, but just the repeats, which is probably the more sane option in this era of continuation series.

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For anybody who wants to don a tin-foil hat while standing in front of a yarn-draped corkboard, Michael Weatherly's Bull announcement happening during the same season as NCIS losing Mark Harmon's Gibbs is something adjacent to destiny.

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Realistically speaking, it's hard to gauge how likely Michael Weatherly's return to NCIS could be, either on a full-time or a cameo basis. While the creative team did bring Cote de Pablo's Ziva back in Season 17 for a handful of episodes, the storyline (and de Pablo herself) made it sound as if the characters were not destined to be together again, for safety's sake. That said, Weatherly has maintained a good connection with much of the cast, both past and present, so DiNozzo's solo return isn't the most outlandish idea. That said, the actor has faced some backlash over the years, particularly where Eliza Dushku's Bull firing is concerned, so that and other potentially controversial matters could play into it.

While keeping the hype alive, tune into new episodes of Bull every Thursday night on CBS at 10:00 p.m. ET.

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