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Entertainment: 18 of the best Matrix references in other movies and TV shows

How The Matrix Resurrections Came To Feature That Fun John Wick Cameo

  How The Matrix Resurrections Came To Feature That Fun John Wick Cameo There's a great Easter egg for Keanu Reeves fans in The Matrix ResurrectionsIt’s a fun meta cameo in among a number of great meta jokes in The Matrix Resurrections, and when I interviewed Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss earlier this month I asked the two stars how it came to be a part of the production.

Tipping Point viewers were left in stitches after a contestant won a lawnmower as his special prize.

The ITV contestant, Mayhul, won the Gtech Cordless Mower when the special coin dropped down from the machine.

He responded by saying it was "fantastic" and revealed that his dad would like that one, however viewers online weren't as excited about the prize.

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Fans of the ITV show took to social media to mock the prize, with many not thinking it was very impressive.

Is The Matrix Resurrections The Start Of A New Trilogy? The Film’s Producer Has Thoughts

  Is The Matrix Resurrections The Start Of A New Trilogy? The Film’s Producer Has Thoughts Lana Wachowski's Matrix Trilogy isn't a three-parter anymore -- so now we're left wondering what that means for the future of the series.Nearly 20 years passed between The Matrix Revolutions and its follow-up. Given how accustomed we all are to The Matrix being a trilogy, this fourth film has brought up as many questions as it answered – especially surrounding the future of the franchise. In a conversation with Fandango, Matrix Resurrection producer James McTeigue was asked whether a reference to a sequel trilogy in the film was a harbinger of more movies to come.

One viewer said: "It’s the dreaded lawnmower klaxon!"

"A mower for his flat," tweeted another viewer.

Another tweeted: "S*** mystery prize going straight on eBay klaxon!"

Another viewer joined in mocking the prize and said: "I wouldn't give it the honor... the prizes on #tippingpoint are more Facebook Market than Ebay."

Viewers also took issue when a contestant incorrectly answered a question about where solar wind came from.

The woman gave the answer of 'the moon', which was incorrect as it in fact came from the sun.

Fans of the show couldn't believe how the woman failed to get the correct answer, and many mocked the 'silly' answer online.

One viewers online even called the moment "TV Gold", while another said: "OH MY GOD did she just say the Moon for solar wind."

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