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Entertainment: music. The siblings Rennaise comes out a new album

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Le nouvel album du trio Bops, les frères musiciens de Rennes, sortira vendredi 25 février 2022. © Claire Huteau The new album of the trio bops, the brothers musicians of Rennes, will come out on Friday, February 25, 2022.

They are three, three brothers. They come out Friday, February 25, a second album Sounds of Parade. Pop, some touches of brass and themes around politics, violence or work ...

Group Rennais ( Ille-et-Vilaine ) BOPS comes out a second album, Friday, February 25, 2022. Meeting With one of the brothers, Louis Bops.

Who hides behind BOPS?

Three brothers! Germain, Oscar and myself, Louis. We are passionate rennais by music, since our childhood. Piano, bass, guitar ... We always played together. In 2015, we decided to make pieces more professionally. First, with a recording of several pieces then, two years later, a first eponymous album. This adventure made us run in Italy, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and France of course. We played a lot until 2018.

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new album, new style?

Yes, we now take the paths of pop. A change vis-à-vis our first album with garage accents. In our new Sounds of Parade album that comes out on February 25, we present ten more current titles but with the same references to the 1970s. The big change is the arrival of our friend Tom, keyboard and guitar. Not to mention our collaboration with the Sofia Symphony Orchestra, which provides added value. Brass meet guitars, especially on the title The Flag.

What themes will we find?

We speak a little politics, nationalism, the world of work, violence ... Our subjects have not evolved, before childhood was often evoked. Oddly, we do not talk about this pandemic. At least, not directly. Several songs talk about the decline on youselves, it is surely linked.

How do we record an album in full pandemic?

Half of the album was already made before the start of COVID. We were confined together with my brothers, so most of our time was devoted to his preparation. We spent our days doing that. It was pretty nice, we could come back several times on the songs but it was a puzzle to record, put the voices ... it was frustrating, but interesting.

Working with family, how?

It's a delirium! It's not easy every day, but we do not have a filter between us and it allows us to go to the end of our ideas, try things. But generally, it's very cool.

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