Entertainment: Ramos merciless exploit - Talks about PSG-Future planned

PSG-Boss wanted to storm SCHIRI cabin - and lands at the Welter

 PSG-Boss wanted to storm SCHIRI cabin - and lands at the Welter Paris Saint-Germain says goodbye to the Champions League. The clubboss is hard to calm down, the rodemble are immutable weeks before. © Provided by sport1.de PSG-Boss wanted Schiri cabin storming - and lands at the WEGAR Mauricio Pochettino knew immediately on what he needs to adjust. "The next few weeks will not be easy," the coaches of Paris Saint-Germain stated at Canal + to to the 1: 3 of his team at Real Madrid , which meant that in the second round of Champions League.

After two months injury, Sergio Ramos has celebrated its comeback for PSG at the weekend. The Spaniard was not particularly friendly from the Parisian supporters.

Hat sein Glück in Paris bislang noch nicht gefunden: Sergio Ramos | John Berry/GettyImages © Provided by 90min has not found his luck in Paris so far: Sergio Ramos | John Berry / GettyImages

against the FC Lorient the 36-year-old was replaced after 72 minutes. However, the French fans did not take themselves to pile up the defenders with each ball contact mercilessly. Similarly, it was already Lionel Messi and Neymar after the CL-out against Real Madrid.

RAMOS and PSG bosses want to advise over the future

Since Ramos has been plagued since his change in the summer of injuries and the weekend completed his sixth game in PSG dress, a premature departure is longer in the room.

Sergio Ramos back after the truce

 Sergio Ramos back after the truce © provided by SOFOOT finally good news to the PSG. It's nice not having played a single champions league meeting under the tunic of the PSG and trampling Ligue Lawn 1 for only 238 minutes of play this season, Sergio Ramos is still a Parisian player. Already injured since mid-January, 35-year-old Spanish will return after the truce, announced Mauricio Pochettino in press conference this Saturday noon.

According to RMC Sport, the Ramos party and PSG will compete shortly and discuss the future of the Spaniard.

Although Ramos' contract is dated until 2023 and he wants to stay with PSG, premature separation is by no means excluded . Although the PSG leaders have been pleased that Ramos has worked hard in a comeback in the rehab. Also, a separation in the summer is not the goal of the conversation.

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Nevertheless, sports director Leonardo was most recently restrained as it was about the whereabouts of the once world's best domesticist. "We'll wait before pulling conclusions, the season is not over yet," says Leonardo to L'Équipe.

Whether Ramos has a future at the French Table Leader will also depend on the occupation of the coaching item in the new season. That Mauricio Pochettino leaves PSG is more or less fixed. Also sports director Leonardo had to be faithfully criticized after that in the Champions League .

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