Entertainment: GZSZ deleted from the program!

'The Batman' Just Released a Deleted Scene Featuring the Joker

  'The Batman' Just Released a Deleted Scene Featuring the Joker Barry Keoghan might have just delivered one of the best Joker performances ever.The scene was originally edited to appear just after the Riddler assassinates the Gotham City police commissioner. Following the killing, Batman heads to Arkham to gain more insight into the Riddler’s psychology.

GZSZ fans must set themselves to changes in transmission flow and renounce the Daily Soap temporarily. Because on the holidays RTL sends a special program. The viewers: Inside, something still has to wait until they know how it continues for Gerners and Co..

GZSZ: Dieser Bösewicht verlässt den Kiez GZSZ: This villain leaves the Kiez GZSZ on the Easter Monday not to see

and the plans of the transmitter: up to and including Good Friday, ie the 15th of April, GZSZ as well as the other Daily soaps can be seen normally. In recent years, the series had to suspend the holiday. Now RTL remains true to its normal program.

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Video: GZSZ exit shock: RTL announces sad farewell (Gofeminin)

The Batman releases deleted scene of the Joker played by Barry Keoghan

  The Batman releases deleted scene of the Joker played by Barry Keoghan Martin (Rasmus Bjerg, Sons of Denmark) has fled his family and the modern world to head into the woods and live off the land, as his manly ancestors would have done he even has a homemade Viking costume.

GZSZ COMEBACK: Does Linda Marlen Runge returns Alias ​​Anni? GZSZ: So Krass the stars of the series have changed! Do not miss: Now secure the hottest deals at Amazon! *

Anders it looks at Easter Monday. On April 19, GZSZ falls out! Instead, on the transceiver, which normally broadcast AWZ and GZSZ, Inka Bause with "Bauer is looking for a woman - the new farmers" to see.

On Tuesday, "good times, bad times" will continue as usual. And that's how it continues: "Overwhelges Toni's unexpected encounter. She decides to keep the meeting for herself. Nevertheless, she does not let the question let's go as far as possible. Katrin gesome pressure, finally a solution to Find. But so far, Gerner has not yet come up with a pressure medium to quietly put the stone investor Bajan Linostrami, who wants to revoke the lawyer. "

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GZSZ: Does Luis dies the serient death for the anniversary? .
Yes, it actually looks like we would say goodbye to Miriam (Sara Fuchs) . Your serientod at GZSZ is becoming more and more likely: © RTL / Rolf Baumgartner GZSZ Miriam Luis But Luis is in danger! GZSZ: Miriam, Luis and Moritz take over sure is already that Miriam Berlin will leave. She does not see any future more for itself and Luis (Marc Weinmann) , which tends more and more to Moritz (Lennart Borchert) within its three-year relationship. After a violent dispute, she grabs her seven things.

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