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What is cord blood, and who are the celebrity parents banking it?

  What is cord blood, and who are the celebrity parents banking it? A little-used term in everyday language, 'cord blood' refers to the blood that is stored in the placenta and umbilical cord after a child is born. Most of the time it is discarded straight after birth. In reality, however, cord blood is packed full of stem cells, which makes it very valuable in the fight against many diseases, including certain cancers and blood disorders. Increasingly, new parents are opting to bank their baby's cord blood, either publicly or privately. That way it is there to help someone who may need it in the future. We took a look at exactly what cord blood is, and the celebrity parents who have donated it. Check out this gallery to find out more.

The last few months were not easy for Corinna (Nina Weisz) at "Unter Uns": First she had to find out that Chris (Jan Ammann) not only had an affair at the time, but even wanted to burn with Matteo's mother. This led her to separate her husband.

Unter Uns: So kommt es zum Liebescomeback bei Chris und Corinna! © RTL / Stefan Behrens among us: This is how love comeback with Chris and Corinna!

but when this because of alleged drug smuggling in the German embassy on the Maldives, she only noticed how much she still loves him. However, the authorities could not help Chris, which is why he found a different plan.

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that Chris suddenly disappeared from the message moved half the Schillerallee into a bright turmoil, after all, it was also about draft compensation! Since nobody can find him, Corinna decides to fly on the Maldives alone - when her husband suddenly stands in front of her. Both come over the feelings, they approach each other and kiss intigantly. A common friend had done Chris out of the country by military aircraft so that the police could not arrest him.

As beautiful as family happiness is: the campaign could still have an aftermath. After all, the adventure of Chris in the Maldives offers some material for future dramas at "Unter Uns".


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