Entertainment: The best Apple TV Plus show you’re not watching is Trying — and it’s as good as Ted Lasso

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Over the past few months, Apple TV Plus has gone from strength to strength. It's even making a compelling case for a higher ranking in our roundup of the best streaming services out there.

Esther Smith as Nikki Newman and Rafe Spall as Jason Ross in Trying on Apple TV Plus © Provided by Tom's Guide Esther Smith as Nikki Newman and Rafe Spall as Jason Ross in Trying on Apple TV Plus

In 2022 alone, the service has added a slew of critically acclaimed new shows including Severence, Black Bird and Pachinko, alongside a selection of returning favorites including For All Mankind and the docuseries Home. Oh, and new seasons of flagship hits The Morning Show, See and Ted Lasso are all set to premiere over the next few months.

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While I’m greatly anticipating the return of everybody’s favorite mustache-sporting soccer coach, one of my favorite Apple TV Plus shows gives Coach Lasso a run for his money when it comes to being effortlessly charming. I’m of course talking about Trying, which debuted the first two episodes of its third season earlier this month.

This easy-watching comedy is the hidden gem of Apple TV Plus and I’m thrilled to see the show returning. Even better, based on its first two episodes, the quality hasn’t dipped even a tiny bit; Trying remains as indisputably charming as it’s always been. If you’ve yet to watch it, here's why there's never been a better time to give it a go.

Trying is perfect for fans of Ted Lasso

Trying follows a young(ish) couple, Nikki (Esther Smith) and Jason (Rafe Spall), who desperately wants to become parents but are unable to conceive a child naturally. So, they turn to adoption instead. The show chronicles their journey to complete their family as they stumble through various challenges and bumps along the road, typically dealing with them in a variety of comedic ways.

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It’s a simple core premise, but it’s elevated by surprisingly strong lead performances. The chemistry between Spall and Smith is excellent, and it’s very easy to buy into their relationship dynamic. And while there’s no will-they-won’t-they element — the central couple is stable and in no danger of a shock breakup — that’s not to say they don’t still face relatable hardships across the show’s first two seasons.

Much like Ted Lasso, Trying is a very relaxed watch; you won’t find any dramatic twists or shocking revelations here. Instead, it's simply a good-natured comedy show in the best way possible. It’s the television equivalent of a big hug, and I’ve found it’s the perfect tonic after a long day when I'm in need of a pick-me-up. There really aren’t enough shows that celebrate positivity these days, so it's great to see Apple TV Plus picking up that slack.

The show does still tackle some slightly more serious issues, including the bureaucracy of the adoption process and Nikki’s struggle to find professional fulfilment. But more serious topics never dominate the show and are instead used to craft a narrative that stretches beyond sarcastic one-liners and outlandish situational comedy.

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I don’t want to veer into the territory of spoilers here, so while Trying follows a pretty predictable narrative arc, it’s still worth seeing how it plays out for yourself. But I am thrilled to report that so far Trying season 3 has been as delightful as the two that preceded it. The core dynamic between Nikki and Jason has been switched up a tad, but it’s still very much the same show — and I couldn’t be happier about that.

Should you stream Trying on Apple TV Plus?

Unfortunately, the wait for Ted Lasso season 3 appears to be longer than we’d initially hoped, so if you’re looking for an equally charming show to keep you busy in the meantime, then I cannot recommend Trying enough. Just don't be surprised if you end up enjoying it as much as, if not more than, Ted Lasso.

The show's third season is set to continue weekly through September, so there are plenty of endearing episodes to come yet, and I can't wait for each one. If you've yet to become acquainted with Nikki and Jason, now is the ideal time to catch up and see for yourself why Trying is arguably Apple TV Plus' most overlooked gem.

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