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Francky Vincent: What becomes of the passion fruit singer?

 Francky Vincent: What becomes of the passion fruit singer? © Bestimage Francky Vincent: What becomes of the passion fruit singer? Francky Vincent experienced glory in the 90s with his very brief zouk songs. Aged 66, the artist did not give up music but leads a very surprising new life as he revealed in the show Stars of the Tube for a day: what has become of it? On TFX. Francky Vincent has come a long way since the success of Son tube Fruit of passion . In 1991, The Guadeloupe singer was revealed to the general public with his very naughty Zouk song.

PHOTO - Vincent Cassel fou amoureux de Tina Kunakey : ils célèbrent leurs sept ans ensemble © Bruno Bebert / Bestimage Photo - Vincent Cassel Fou Lover of Tina Kunakey: they celebrate their seven years together as a couple since 2015, Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey got married in August 2018. They celebrate their seven years of love this Sunday July 31.

The French actor Vincent Cassel and his wife, the model Tina Kunakey, celebrate this Sunday, July 31, their seven years of happiness together. At the bend of an Instagram publication, The star of hatred declared once again his love to the one who shares her life today : "7 years…. It still does not hurt (even if it can Burn anyway) "could be read as a description. The text was then accompanied by a black and white photo of lovers, from back and side by side, on a set in Biarritz.

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A great statement, liked almost 30,000 times, to which the model has simply responded in comment: "Eu te Amo". Despite the 30 years that separate them, the couple seems more in love than ever and even welcomed a little girl named Amazonia , three years ago. In her Instagram story, Tina Kunakey, she, revealed tender photos, in the middle of a session of hugs and kisses as well as an old video of her pregnant . Skills accompanied by a simple but adorable description: "1234567!" , Representing their years spent loving each other.

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Recurrent love declarations on Instagram on April 5, the 55 -year -old actor had already declared his flame to his beautiful , to the ocassion of his 25th anniversary: ​​"Today, C 'is my lady's birthday, my crumb, my life, my queen, my partner in crime, my love, my wife, tina. From duo to the beach. Before the Sicilian, the actor had been as a couple for eighteen years with Monica Belluci

and had welcomed two girls, Deva and Léonie with the actress. Today, on good terms with the mother of his two elders, he gives perfect love with Tina Kunakey. to read also Arthur in love with Mareva Galanter: his declaration of love to "his alter ego" - Gala

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© supplied by the whole TV Silvère and Franck were under high pressure this Friday, August 5, 2022 in The castle of My dreams on M6. While the first is preparing a major surprise for his companion , the couple notably receives the former owners of the guest house who were pastry chefs. Everything went well well and augurs a good start to the season. For its part, Vincent must finalize the renovation of the last room of the castle which has just been reserved.

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