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The fact that a memorable evening could be imminent should have been clear immediately after the draw. Braunschweig against Hertha BSC is a classic in the cup that was common recently, which actually never ran normally - and on Sunday everything was topped again on Sunday. The 10: 9 after penalty shooting is one for history.

Braunschweigs Bryan Henning jubelt über sein Tor gegen Hertha © Imago/Regios24 Braunschweig Bryan Henning cheers over his goal against Hertha

The classic cup classic Braunschweig against Hertha was again memorable

2018, Eintracht had the capital club as a third division, offered a big fight and lost 1: 2, two Years later there was a memorable 5: 4, which aroused memories of a classic from 2004: the Lower Saxony were still regional league and the Berliners peppered with stars such as Marcelinho and today's Boss Fredi Bobic. The native of Braunschweig Alexander Madlung had brought Hertha onto the losing road with an own goal, in the end it was 3-2 for the underdog after two deficit. It seemed difficult to realize these events in the shade, but has happened. "The tingling all over the body," said Bryan Henning half an hour after the end of the cup fight, "just doesn't stop. The goosebumps no longer go away."

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The Berlin -born in the Braunschweig midfield was the main actor and symbolic figure. Almost an hour Henning and Eintracht found no remedies against the tower-superior Bundesliga club, with the goal to 1: 2 by Brian Behrendt's penalty after an hour, but the second division climber was there. "We came into a flow," said Henning, "the head went out, the stadium wore us, it was insane." After incredible turns and twists, he scored - 3: 2 after 0: 2 and a new deficit - the 4: 4 shortly before the extension ended, then converted the decisive penalty.

Henning hopes for an initial spark for the Eintracht started with zero goals and zero points and draws a parallel to the previous year. Then the start to the 3rd division went next to it (one point from two games) before a successful cup evening marked the turn. "We lost 1-2 against the HSV there, but saw what is possible for us. For us, it was something like a starting shot in the season." It should also have been done on the memorable cup evening against the Hertha. "I hope the knot has burst."

Real Madrid against Eintracht on Free TV

 Real Madrid against Eintracht on Free TV The European Supercup between Europa League winner Eintracht Frankfurt and Champions League winner Real Madrid is broadcast live on free TV. © provided by Sport1.de Real Madrid against Eintracht In Free-TV The European Supercup between Europa League winner Eintracht Frankfurt and Champions League winner Real Madrid is broadcast live at RTL .

Fejzic: "For Lion I'm scary"

The Braunschweig hopes for the turn are also justified in Lion Lauberbach. The promotion goalkeeper started the season lucky and had to go to the bench on Sunday. Sports Managing Director Peter Vollmann wants to add two strikers this week with two strikers, ex-Union Anthony Ujah (31) and the Mainz Marlon Mustapha (21), but Lauberbach has positioned itself. When Joker only scored 2-2, the meantime prepared 3: 2 outstanding. "For Lion," said goalkeeper Jasmin Fejzic, out of the 120 minutes and in penalty shootout, "I'm happy. After his substitution, Lauberbach ensured that this edition of the cup classic between Braunschweig and Berlin was also talked about for a long time.

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