Entertainment: Krämer over a penalty scene: "Clear handball"

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with a 0: 4 SV Meppen starts home from Munich. SVM coach Stefan Krämer was primarily annoyed by the quick goals two and three-and a penalty scene shortly before 0: 2.

Stefan Krämer hätte gerne einen Elfmeter gehabt, richtete nach der Partie den Blick aber schon wieder nach vorne. © Imago/Foto2Press Stefan Krämer would have liked to have had a penalty, but after the game it was already looking forward.

Meppens motto: "Regenerate quickly", "Learn" and make it better against Mannheim "

at least 28 minutes, SV Meppen kept up well against 1860 Munich. Then Martin Kobylanski scored the Löwen lead and not only gave his dad a special gift, but also broke the will of the Emsländer.

In the second half, the SVM came up again and became a little braver again. "We had our best phase just before we collect the 0: 2," said coach Stefan Krämer at "Magentasport" - but then the next key scene followed. "Shortly before (before the 0: 2; editor's note) we can get a clear penalty, maybe we even have to get it." After a wide throw-in, Jesper Verlaat in the Löwen penal room jumped the ball on his hand, referee Benjamin Brand continued (51.). "But it's okay, sometimes it is," Krämer said a little conciliatory.

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Second and third goal The final sticking point

Nevertheless, the campaign was a "clear handball" for the coach, even if he didn't know whether a possible compensation "had given the game a different balance". But what Krämer knew was that "if we don't get the second and especially the third goal so quickly in a row, I think that we can get into play again".

Because Fynn Lakenmacher laced a double pack (63., 66.) within three minutes, "the conviction also goes away". In the final phase, the SVM had little to oppose. For Krämer "no big miracle" that "we cannot keep up with 1860 Munich". Nevertheless, the coach again emphasized that "we can sell better".

Even if the Meppeners have a long drive home after the 0: 4 at the end, a lot of time to mourn, however, does not remain. Rather, "regeneration" and "learning" is on the plan, because on Sunday (1 p.m.) the SVM with Waldhof Mannheim has the "next top -class" in front of the chest - "and then we have to do better".

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