Entertainment: “I got a bit emotional seeing Ozzy and Iommi onstage together again": Queen's Brian May speaks for all of us after seeing Black Sabbath legends reunite

Pregnant Kelly Osbourne steps out with Sharon and Ozzy in London

  Pregnant Kelly Osbourne steps out with Sharon and Ozzy in London The reality star, 37, who announced that she is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Sid Wilson, 45, looked radiant in her sleek ensemble. Sharon, 69, looked as glamorous as ever as she held hands with Ozzy, 73, who is currently recovering from 'life-altering surgery.' © Provided by Daily Mail Family: Pregnant Kelly Osbourne, 37, stepped out in a plunging black dress with her glamours mum Sharon, 69, and rocker dad Ozzy, 73, as they departed a London hotel on Sunday Kelly pulled her lilac hair back into a neat pony tail and shielded her eyes with some stylish black sunglasses.

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Queen guitarist Brian May admits that he got "a bit emotional" while watching his old friends, long-time Black Sabbath bandmates Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi, reunited onstage in their hometown of Birmingham on Monday (August5 8).

The duo's surprise appearance at the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, performing alongside bassist Adam Wakeman (formerly Sabbath's touring keyboardist) and Tommy Clufetos (formerly Sabbath's live drummer) at the city's Alexander Stadium, capped a memorable, celebratory night for Birmingham.

Headlining the spectacular, following performances from fellow local heroes Duran Duran, UB40, The Selecter, Musical Youth, and more, the city's most recognisable musical icons teased their audience with a snippet of Sabbath anthem Iron Man before blowing off the stadium roof, metaphorically speaking, with a crushing run through the deathless Paranoid.

Ozzy Osbourne makes surprise appearance during Commonwealth Games closing ceremony

  Ozzy Osbourne makes surprise appearance during Commonwealth Games closing ceremony Ozzy Osbourne makes surprise appearance during Commonwealth Games closing ceremony (Dailymotion) His return to the stage comes after he underwent a major operation on his neck in June. The musician assured fans he was on the road to recovery shortly after the surgery, which he underwent to treat lasting damage from his quad bike accident in 2003. These lasting injuries worsened when he suffered a fall at his home in 2019. He was also diagnosed with Parkinson's disease earlier that year.

The climactic cameo came as a genuine surprise, given that, just one week earlier, on August 1, after hearing Paranoid used to soundtrack a montage of some of the highlights from the athletics meet, Ozzy took to social media to praise his hometown for its deft handling of the Games, without offering up any hints that he himself would soon be homeward bound.

'This was played at the end of today’s Commonwealth Game, " Ozzy posted. "I really wish I could have been there with you all. Just amazing for Birmingham!."

One week ahead of this, speaking to Classic Rock for a forthcoming magazine feature, the singer had emphatically stated to this writer that Sabbath were finished, saying, "Sabbath are over: we made our mark.”

Hard to argue, there.

Watch Osbourne and Iommi reunite in Birmingham below:

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Clearly, we were not the only ones moved by this unexpected show-stealing performance.

Reposting a Tony Iommi post about the night, Queen guitarist Brian May added the caption: "That’s the way to do it !!! Must say I got a bit emotional seeing Ozzy and Iommi on stage together again. Epic !!!"

As yet, no official comment has been made as to why former Sabbath bassist/ founding member Geezer Butler was not involved in Monday night's performance: although he posted his thoughts on the event's opening ceremony on social media, Butler has yet to reference the Games' closing night.

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