Entertainment: Borrower insurance: To get your mortgage reimbursed, forget the conventional breakdown

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  Car insurance costs surge with many drivers hit with loyalty penalty The average price of a motor policies at the end of June is the highest since the first quarter of last year, when prices were at £522. While the £32 rise in the biggest recorded since the pandemic, the price paid for car cover is still well short of the pre-Covid average, which stood at £770 at the end of March 2020.The comparison site says it is loyal customers who are taking the biggest hit in the last three months, having seen their average renewal prices rise about those taken out by new policy holders.

Assurance emprunteur : pour vous faire rembourser votre crédit immobilier, oubliez la rupture conventionnelle © sukanya sithikongsak - getty images borrower insurance: to be reimbursed for your mortgage, forget the conventional break. The “job loss” guarantee of his mortgage insurance insurance, an individual was refused care by his insurer. The reason: he had decided himself to leave his post via a voluntary departure plan. Have the butter ... and the silver of the butter? Don't think about insurance. As the insurance mediator relates in one of the practical cases he had to deal with this year, the guarantee loss of employment

contained in your mortgage insurance contract can only be activated in one case very precise. This optional protection, which can also double your contributions, is generally not of great help because it only protects you in the event of economic dismissal. Impossible to obtain the care of your mortgage by your insurance in the event of partial unemployment, the end of a fixed -term contract or resignation. Some could therefore be tempted to find an intermediate path, like this insured. His contract specified that in the event of dismissal, he was eligible for monthly compensation from his insurer. However, in his case, it was not strictly speaking of a dismissal but indeed an amicable rupture as part of a voluntary departure plan set up by the employer. This is why the insurer refused to take care. The individual believed that it was not a conventional break, but a rupture for economic reasons akin to an economic dismissal.

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The Court of Cassation decided His analysis is wrong, recalls the insurance mediator: “The insurance contract being a Random contract, the insurer cannot guarantee a risk whose realization depends on the will of the insured. ” However, the conventional rupture does indeed result from the will of the insured and therefore constitutes an exclusion of guarantee.

>> Our service - save by testing our frequent mortgage insurance comparator, this type of dispute between individuals and insurer was decided by the highest court in the country. “The Court of Cassation has repeatedly recalled that the termination of an employment contract for economic reasons resulting from a voluntary departure within the framework of a collective agreement or a job safeguard plan constituted a termination amicable from the employment contract and not a break at the initiative of the employer, ”said the mediator.

Loan loan: Is borrower insurance mandatory?

 Loan loan: Is borrower insurance mandatory? © Pixabay / Pexels Borrower Insurance Practice - If it is not legally compulsory, borrower insurance is required almost systematically within the framework of a mortgage. There are solutions to do without it. When taking out a mortgage, several questions invariably arise. How to save on my Credit Immobilier ? How to get an attractive rate? Here are two basic and recurring questions.

Many conditions to be fulfilled

and even if you manage to activate this clause in your contract, know that its application conditions are very strict. It is first subject to a deficiency period of 6 to 12 months, during which the clause cannot be activated. This period elapsed, you are eligible but you must be patient because compensation generally only starts between 3 and 9 months after loss of job, or failing this at the time of the payment of your first unemployment allowance. And do not expect to be completely exempt from the reimbursement of your credit. The care of the insurer varies between 30% and 80% of your deadlines. Finally, be aware that the job loss guarantee is automatically resilled once the legal limit is provided by your contract is crossed. This ceiling oscillates between 50 and 65 years depending on the blankets.

Real estate credit: why borrower insurance is no longer conditioned on your health .
since June 1, 2022, exit the surprises or refusal linked to the state of health or the age of borrowers bank - since the June 1, 2022, exit the surprises or refusal linked to the state of health or to the age of borrowers as soon as we hope to finance the purchase of a housing thanks to an real estate loan , we is forced to go through the essential borrower insurance.

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